Fukushima: Personal anguish over millions of dying sea creatures in Pacific… Are West Coasters next?…



Study: Dead sea creatures covered 98% of seafloor last year about 150 miles off California coast; Below 1% prior to event — ‘Major’ changes began in spring 2011…

National Geographic, Nov. 22, 2013: […] “In the 24 years of this study, the past 2 years have been the biggest amounts of this detritus by far,”  said study leader Christine Huffard, a marine biologist at the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute in California. […] In March 2012, less than one percent of the seafloor beneath Station M [located 145 miles west of the coast of California between Santa Barbara and Monterey] was covered in dead sea salps. By July 1, more than 98 percent of it was covered in the decomposing organisms, according to the study, published this week in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. […]  Although climate change is a leading contender for explaining the major increases in 2011 and 2012, Huffard says that these spikes could be part of a longer-term trend that scientists haven’t yet observed. She hopes to continue gathering data from Station M to try and figure it out.

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, Nov. 11, 2013 (emphasis added): […] Two major peaks in POC [particulate organic carbon] flux occurred over the last 18 mo of the time series […] The peak POC flux in spring/summer 2011 was the highest recorded over the 24-y time series (Fig. 1D)  […] The daily presence of detrital aggregates on the sea floor did not exceed 15% coverage over the period from 1990 to 2007. The highest sea-floor coverage by detrital aggregates measured throughout the 24-y time series occurred between March and August 2012, when salp detritus ranged from <1% cover in early March to a high of 98% cover on 1 July(Fig. 1E). This was the only measurable deposition event of salps observed during the entire time series. Following this salp pulse, phytodetrital aggregates combined with some salp detritus formed another major deposition event beginning in late August and peaking in mid-September. This pulse covered up to 61% of the sea floor (Fig. 1E), the largest primarily phytodetrital aggregate peak recorded during the time series. […] Although environmental variation, such as air temperature and winds, affect the physical dynamics of this upwelling ecosystem, the specific mechanisms behind the changes in food-supply composition and food-web processes corresponding with the peaks in 2011 and 2012 remain unknown. Such increases in food supply appear to change the structure and functioning of deep-sea communities. We already are observing significant changes in populations of benthic fauna […]

Study’s Supporting InformationSea Floor Megafaunal Community Change[…] Over an 18-mo period beginning in spring 2011, the densities of epibenthic animals increased by nearly an order-of-magnitude and diversity was considerably lower. Major faunal changes included a substantial reduction in sponge and other sessile animal abundance, and by late 2012 three holothurian species were at the highest densities recorded since mobile megafaunal investigations began in 1989.

See also: “Weird things” happening on California coast: Previously unknown toxic algae blooms proliferating; Unprecedented mass of oxygen-poor water near shore — TV: Mystery strandings of large squid covered miles and experts baffled… “essentially killing themselves, it’s just really weird” (VIDEO)

And: CBC News: Something very odd is happening in Pacific; Sea creatures acting strangely, species turning up where rarely seen — Related to Fukushima crisis? — L.A. Lifeguard: Used to be 2 shark sightings a year, now it’s 2 a day (VIDEOS)


Our worst fears come true.

Like WNTF and others have said here, we knew immediately. I think that several people, as parts of an interconnected biosphere, could just feel a wave of death emanating from Fukushima. So this is one more confiramtion. I took the day off of work that morning, and when I logged on the net, there it was. The explosion. I was very conscious of something like watching a giant page turn. “This is it, this is the end” were the words in my head.

How does one reconcile one’s life with that? The reports aren’t going to get any better. I’m trying the smartass stoic approach, but I don’t know how long I can, particularly now since I can’t really afford good whiskey any more.

For me its even worse than my worse fears as they did not include all these creatures dying. I can take my own death stoically. But these baby creatures, it feels like I have been punched so hard in the stomach I can’t look. But then I to because they have to me remembered. And then I cry. Since I was a child upon seeing a dead cat on the freeway I always said a prayer and still do. Seeing these creatures in distress, dolphins foraging, all dying, there is enough grief in me to filled the destroyed ocean.

it’s heartbreaking. they’ve done nothing to deserve this. just saw dead squid all over the beach i used to walk in calif for 15 years. i still want to go back. i still can’t believe it.

The radiation levels are high here in Carmel by the Sea…since they chemspray we have no dew any more in the morning…at least I can’t find any and I’m in the forest near the water.

My lungs/lips burn from all the chemicals…and feel so sad for what they are doing to our planet and the innocent animals plus very high cancer rates in children, and deaths of babies under 1 year old in 8 western states up 38% after 3/11.

I trust none of the official story…


Another 20 Navy Sailors: USS Ronald Reagan crew with thyroid cancers, leukemia, brain tumors, bleeding, blindness after Fukushima disaster — Young kids developing problems — Gov’t and Tepco involved in major conspiracy (AUDIO)


Now is not the time to panic.


Prepared is not panic.
Now is not the time to deny marine currents and marine ecology (fog and rain).
Got a geiger counter? Check your gutters after a rain storm. Always a good first place to look (concentrations).

I would think that the reason for resisting panic is to maintain a clear head and not go wildly off on tangents and false hopes. Calm preserves.

But then what do I know? Well for one thing, basic physics instructs us that geiger counters are less than useless in this situation. We are being threatened by ingestion of nuclides. At the center of this thing where ambient radiation is strong and deadly Gieger counters are just the thing. What is lacking is any coherent effort by government and the scientific establishment to investigate, measure and advise the public. Living in a failed state is pretty maddening, I will agree. “What do you mean the government is hanging us out to dry?” It is pretty hard for ordinary folks to have a sense of how totally depraved the centers of power have become. There is just no conceptual space to consider such depravity and ultimate betrayal. During the Second World War, much information came out about the death camps but many refused to believe that people could do such a thing. The lack of imagination addressing the activities of the depraved is our Achilles Heel. And it is not just Fuckushima. Wholesale, deliberate poisoning of the population? Yes. Deliberate efforts to push the use of fossil fuels beyond the ability for the Earths system to handle it causing a sixth mass extinction which seems most likely to cause humans to become extinct? Yes. It is an entire panorama of evil in every realm of opportunity. We are being lulled into unreality by sociopaths, period. That is the problem. As long as we allow these mental defectives to organize and run our lives we have no future as a species. It is not an easy problem to address. Literature is replete with images of human like monsters preying on us. Vampires? Zombies? The many faces pasted on a character called the Devil? As societies grew in scale so too did the sociopaths grow in power. Now this subset of highly intelligent sociopaths/psychopaths are set to destroy everything in their demented drive to dominate. We can overcome their influence, but not by continuing to go along with the social arrangements that they, the opportunist, pathological liars, the skilled imposters, set up the better to savage us. Stop paying attention to authority. Start paying attention to neighbors and batten down the hatches. No matter what the outcome, it is going to be a very rough ride into a future that our sociopathic leadership is unable to care about.

We can make a gentler world but not by becoming stuck in reaction to the moves of our enemies.


I just discovered this amazing website: (need Google Earth download)

If you click on Climate Viewer features; Emergencies: Nuclear, Radiation Detection,
you can check out current radiation readings around the globe and really drill down to specific areas.

If you go to Japan and find Fukushima, then go southeast to the coast between Minamisoma and Iwaki you can drill down to the Daichi plant and see the destruction of the storage tanks and the spent storage tanks in great detail.

And look at the readings….147,000 at the nuke plant! (which shows a green warning of ‘normal’.)

(Also under Radiation, check out the Electromagnetic Antenna locations and ‘Space Heaters’ around the globe used to modify weather)

Also great stuff:

Nuclear storage leaks

Weather Modification by Geo-engineering and Chemtrails

History of Chemtrails

Drone Tracker

DHS Fusion Centers

And the Pollution Files including toxic dump sites on land and sea.

y – I buy that.
Dracula(/evil), Stoker wrote(?), was able to survive because nobody believed such a thing could exist. Century of the Self (Adam Curtis doc) demonstrates the mass psych foundation of 20th Century pop culture, and what drives people to avoid words like yours, to their peril.

Another thing not to ignore about Pacific Coast marine life problems is the naval testing off the west coast, something about sonar, but what else might they be doing? Donno. But it could be part of the problems.

Jul 6, 2012:

“Activists are taking to the Internet to protest a United States Navy proposal that one environmental organization has referred to as potentially causing whales “harm of staggering proportions.”
“The action is in response to the Navy’s admission, in two Environmental Impact Assessments filed in May, that the use of active sonar in training and testing exercises off Hawaii and southern California, and off the Atlantic coast and Gulf of Mexico, could potentially unintentionally harm marine mammals a total of 33 million times over five years.”

Thanks for the support Chris. I am really serious about this. As experience has taught me, smell something foul and at the core you find these psychopath/sociopath types that seem invisible to others but stand out to me. The fact that I am even aware of them puts me at danger. My family is aware of this. Sudden, unprovoked attacks on me by people acting in seemingly uncharacteristic ways is something they have gotten used to. Sometimes you are paranoid because they are out to get you. I am not whining. Never feel as alive as when confronted by these monsters. Losing is no big deal, passivity is impossible.


More on naval weapons testing in the Pacific and elsewhere from Rosalind Peterson last year.



By Rosalind Peterson
JUNE 30, 2012

The Washington Post (Associated Press) May 11, 2012 – Revealed today that a “New Navy study says use of sonar, explosives may hurt more marine mammals than once thought”[25]. “…HONOLULU-The U.S. Navy may hurt more dolphins and whales by using sonar and explosives in Hawaii and California under a more thorough analysis that reflects new research and covers naval activities in a wider area than previous studies…” (The Public Comment period for the new U.S. Navy Atlantic/Gulf of Mexico 5-Year Warfare Testing Range that will use bomb blasts and Sonar is from May 11, 2012 through July 10, 2012 [8C]). U.S. Navy Website: http://aftteis.com/Home.aspx

The Washington Post also stated: “…The Navy estimates its use of explosives and sonar may unintentionally cause more than 1,600 instances of hearing loss or other injury to marine mammals each year, according to a draft environmental impact statement that covers training and testing planned from 2014 to 2019. The Navy calculates the explosives could potentially kill more than 200 marine mammals a year…” (The Public Comment period for the new U.S. Navy Pacific 5-Year Warfare Testing Range that will use bomb blasts and Sonar is from May 11, 2012 through July 10, 2012 [8B]). U.S. Navy Website: http://hstteis.com/Home.aspx

On May 17, 2012, news reports that “Mass dolphin deaths in Peru caused by acoustic trauma” were announced by “…Dr. Carlos Yaipen Llanos of ORCA in Peru informed Hardy Jones of Blue Voice that acoustical trauma is the cause of the Mass Mortality Event (MME) that killed an estimated one thousand dolphins along the coast of northern Peru in March 2012…” [28]. This is another reason to begin to limit sonar, laser, radar, and electromagnetic weapons testing in the Atlantic, Pacific, and the Gulf of Mexico.

Anybody know what’s happening to the Brown Pelicans? Last year I saw flocks of up to 70, and 30 or more were common. This is on Vandenberg AFB at the shore. This year–only four or five at a time (actually only about –less than 15 TOTAL so far.) I’m aware of the feeding frenzy up by Monterrey, but that doesn’t seem like it would account for all of them. I miss them.