Reminder to Shop Local at Todd Walton’s and Support The Arts…

Under The Table Books

[May I remind you of all the wonderful weekly essays you have enjoyed this year from the rare, talented heart and mind of Todd Walton? Can you think of anything you could share with friends and family this holiday that is more unique, colorful, creative, wild, exuberant, and fun than Todd’s collection of writing, art and music? Share some of our Mendocino home “Aht & Cultcha” this year… ~DS]

Dear Friends,

Here is my annual Shop at Todd’s reminder along with the happy news that I have two new creations I’m thrilled to share.

My new piano CD (#4) Incongroovity just arrived. Nine evocative solo piano instrumentals, one groovacious piano/vocal tune Real Good Joe, and two story-poems set to music. Samples of the tunes will be available on this web site and other music sites soon.

The other new work is Oasis Tales of the ConjurorA novella set in the future past, with illustrations by yours truly, this is a comb-bound edition produced at Zo, Mendocino’s premiere copy shop, each copy extravagantly signed and numbered just for you. You can read the first three chapters to see if you want to read more by clicking the link.

And don’t forget Buddha In A TeacupUnder the Table Books, and Open Body: Creating Your Own Yoga

My other music CDs may be perused and sampled here.

As well as notecards made from my original paintings.

Blessings and Thanks,



I did not expect to see a Todd Walton commercial on this site.
Please Todd..that’s way below you and a poor use of this valuable and essential
space. So many important issues..that are above your money needs.
Think long and hard before you do this again.

I did not post this. I sent out my yearly announcement to people on my mailing list who ask to receive this information and Dave Smith chose to post the information in this way, for which I am grateful. I make my rather minimalist living as an artist and, though this may come as a shock to you, I need money to survive and am not ashamed to let others know of my work and my creations.