Dave Smith: Frogs Know

Redwood Valley
(Excerpt and art: Deward Drollinger 1969)

I have had the privilege recently to take advantage of our excellent county bus service, Mendocino Transit Authority. There is a community of our neighbors that ride regularly, and for many, it is their sole means of transportation: students and the elderly, and the financially- and physically-constrained, depend on our buses for college classes, the library, doctor appointments, social services, visiting friends, and community involvement.

The drivers are unfailingly polite and helpful, the buses consistently clean. Racks for bicycles, secure mechanized ramps and floor clamps for wheelchairs, are provided.

I have not ridden a bus since high school, but I moved to Redwood Valley and now try to take the bus as often as possible into Ukiah and back for my weekday commutes. The 20-minute walk each way is healthy, and the 20-minute ride each way is great for reading and commiseration…

As climate change and fuel prices inevitably force us back to the socialized transportation of buses and trains, and our air, water, and bodies become filled with the inescapable pollution of chemicals, GMOs and radiation, we humans will look back in sadness and wonder at the wanton destruction of our natural world…

Man, the God, Determindly
Rushes On With The
Total Annihilation
Of Every Bodies World,
As The Frogs Croak In Horror.

Dam the River!
Fall the Tree!
Frogs Know What I Mean.

Super Market Swamps!
Freeway Rivers!
Frogs Know What I Mean.

One Grey Skeleton World,
One Global Concrete
Shopping Center,
One Empty Windless World.

Frogs Know What I Mean…




positively horrifying.

Good one Dave, and maybe the plants and bees know too…