Fukushima: Radiation on Mendocino Pacific Coast?

Ocean Harvest Sea Vegetable Company

Ocean Harvest Sea Vegetable Company just received our last radiation sample test results for seaweed harvested Sept. 3, 2013.  The seaweed is free of radiation for our 2013 harvest year! There is no detectable radiation in the seaweed, so as far as any report that says the radiation is in the ocean on the north coast- IT IS NOT!  We cannot live in fear, we have to take action and anyone concerned should do so as well.

Since we are in the ocean 50 days a year, we take our health very seriously and for selfish reasons (along with peace of mind when selling to customers) we believe in taking action and spreading truth- not questionable scientific charts or projections of what could be- when it is NOT.

I am not sure about where the radiation is coming from in the air on the charts in this article, or if they are projections as well.  If people are concerned, they should band together and test the food products they question.  The tests are expensive $100- $300 per item), but they provide peace of mind.  EMSL Labs is a reliable food testing lab.  I would like to see people NOT spread rumors, but find out for themselves before trying to scare everyone about radiation (either by air or sea).

Turn your concerns into actions and have more peace of mind!


Thank you Terry, et. al for being so conscientious for our health and well being as to this long term dilemma we are all facing.

As your aware there is so little public information due to our government and big business’ complete lack of truth and disclosure as to how much radiation is being released in our lands, sea and air that we have to glean what we can from experts like Arnie Gunderson and Helen Caldicott, who are saying that they themselves have, or will be by year end, no longer eating fish from the sea. http://enenews.com/gundersen-ocean-already-contaminated-from-deluge-of-fukushima-toxic-water-will-stop-eating-fish-from-west-coast-of-u-s-cesium-levels-about-1000-higher-than-normal-in-middle-of-pacific

If one reads Mr. Gunderson’s bio, he has fought the nuclear agencies for over 15 years when he turned whistleblower and was fired from his six figure job for doing so. He also was department manager on designing the Mark I cooling system in Daichi made by GE, so he is very knowledgeable from my POV and can be trusted.

It is also difficult for laymen, like myself, to understand what different types of radiated contamination of, stronium, cessium, tritium, etc. will be or are currently effecting us and how fast they can travel in our oceans and airways.

There are also serious questions of how to test for some of this radiation that forms in the billions and trillions of particulate matter, how much our bodies can process and absorb accumulatively over time as to not affect our health, what is ‘normal’ or acceptable and how much stronger the radiation will be over time as things get worse.

It is now being disclosed by TEPCO, who originally denied it, that there were meltdowns in 3 reactors and that from the very onset several hundred tons of radiated water has been leaking into the oceans where all tuna tested the past two years have shown traces of the same nuclear radiation similar to Fukishima.

As to what we all can do besides bringing awareness and not spread fear, I purchased a gieger counter and test my produce and fruit regularly but also have come to the understanding that without the expensive testing you mentioned this method does not account for all types of radiation that might be in our foods. Yet I do not know if I need to send to the food labs for more extensive test for internal radiation in the food stuffs or just ‘eat and hope’.

Here are actual surface samples apparently taken from seaweed in San Onofre a few months back according to this site. I do not know this person or if his gieger is calibrated correctly, etc, but, if true, points to much more serious leaks down there then was originally reported by our ‘all is good, go back to sleep’, regulatory agencies.

“Using both a dosimeter and Geiger counter, I measured samples of wet seaweeds and then dried these for a second reading of the plant material minus its water content. While many seaweed types can be found in the clumps dotting the shore, the focus was on two species with different physical characteristics: kelps and red gorgonian.

Kelp grows rapidly in the late winter-early spring with a high rate of cell division. Fast growth promotes the intake of nutrients and bio-accumulation of radioactive isotopes. In contrast, red gorgonian is a slow grower with hard coral-like “fingers” that requires a much longer period for absorption of dissolved minerals.

Wet samples registered fairly high readings. After drying, the levels in the kelp dropped by about 25 percent. Dried gorgonian, in contrast, showed much lower readings and barely any residual radiation, meaning that the radioactive content was present mainly in the aqueous slime on the outside of the plant rather than inside its cells.

A comparison of older kelp versus this season’s growth, done later on Catalina Island, showed similar results. The radioactivity count in a single growing season (March-April 2013) was double the total contamination accumulated over several past years in an older sample. Therefore, there must have been a massive unreported and illegal release from SCE San Onofre at some point between February and early March.

Fukushima ‘Hot’ Levels in California

The clumps of seaweeds in front of SCE Onofre registered between 0.18 and 0.38 microsieverts, in the same range as those I measured on the shore of south Fukushima prefecture. The Catalina readngs of 0.12 to 0.18 microsieverts in seaweed and 0.28 in barnacles and 0.20 limpets is higher than my findings at the Abukuma River basin near the border of Fukushima and Miyagi prefectures. (Note: By comparison, readings taken on the Japanese coast just south of the Fukushima No.2 plant were extremely high, often more than 1.2 microsieverts per hour.)”

And up north in the Olympia Peninsula of Washington State

“Disappointed, to say the least, I switched to a stratagem of measuring radiation in the seaweed that had washed ashore. Within a few minutes, a pattern emerged. Dry bunches of kelp above the dunes imply a serious radioactive event happening about a year earlier with readings of up to 0.28 microsieverts. More recently displaced wet seaweed show half that figure. At the water’s edge, the readings are very low, only about 0.08 microsieverts, near the background radiation across the peninsula.

The Pacific Northwest has abundant rainfall yet lacks the high humidity of Japan. Thus, instead of recycling radiation inland, the isotopes are washed out to sea, rapidly lowering contaminations on land and in the bays. ”


Additionally both Japan and our regulatory government officials have simply raised the acceptable legal limits of radiation on us humans. Why would they do this if they did not expect more radiation in the future?

I know your business could be greatly impacted, as well as your persons. I have been speaking with John and Barbara of Mendocino Seaweed about coordinating some crowd source funding to help defray costs for periodic testing of seaweed in Mendocino, since this is clearly a long term problem and you should not have to bare the additional costs to assure the health and safety. This is a community problem we all must share in helping out our local business’.

Other than that, i feel any regular updates and postings, no matter the source is critical so that we can study, compare and contrast what may or may not be relevant or true and since we are all flying blind, and mostly ignorantly, I don’t feel there can be enough reporting and testing and discussions like this for the foreseeable future.

Again, thank you for diligence and concerns for all our health where our regulators are so pathetically negligent and look forward to future updates down this long road we travel.

Thanks from me as well, Terry.

I can post the test results for radiation free seaweed on my website by the end of next week: http://www.seaweedmermaid.com

I believe it is a matter of ethics to make sure the food one sells to anyone is not contaminated with either radiation or heavy metals. I can only hope that those who fish and harvest seaweed for sale believe this as well and have the integrity to test their seaweeds and fish. Since the government is not interested in telling us the truth, we only have each other to rely on….

Hi Terry, thank you for your post. As a lover of seaweed I am hoping that you will post the seaweed test findings on this blog. If you could please answer these questions, we are curious who is doing the testing, which elements is the seaweed is being tested for, how often the testing is being done and what the costs. I know that Larry (Rising Tide Sea Vegetables) was approached (or contacted) by U.C. Berkeley, this was 2 years ago…some students from UC Berkeley nuclear department came up and took seaweed samples for testing….but would not send me their findings nor post their findings, nor would they speak with me about their findings. I’ve been going on the word of members of the ‘seaweed stewardship alliance’ members…..our seaweed is clean of radiation.

we’re all in it together.
love, barbara
wild food provider