Stop The Willits Bypass: Will Parrish (Red-Tailed Hawk) High Up In Stitcher for Second Day…


From Save Little Lake Valley

Red-Tailed Hawk spent a second day aboard the contraption called a “wick drain stitcher,” perched about half-way up the crane on which the stitching mechanism is hung. At one point, operators moved the stitcher several feet, letting the crane come to rest on a steel plate. The intent seemed to be to make way for the second stitcher, which was in operation all day. To their credit contractors notified Hawk and onlookers in advance of the move.

The night was illuminated by generator-driven floodlights, and the toplights and floods of the CHP cars surrounding Red-Tailed Hawk’s perch. Loud sounds broadcast from the cars and honking in the early hours of the morning were evidently the CHP’s version of the strategy used by U.S. troops surrounding the Vatican Embassy in Panama when Manuel Noriega took refuge there. In that instance, blaring rock ‘n roll at deafening levels was employed to persuade Vatican personnel to dis-invite Noriega. Low-grade torture evidently has its advocates even among the CHP, who are apparently determined to wait out Red-Tailed Hawk’s machine-sit, while making his stay as uncomfortable as possible.

There was no attempt today, in fact, to dislodge our Hawk, who spent the day adjusting his platform and using occasions of relative quiet to exchange words with supporters on the ground. Supporters coming in met no opposition, as the private security guards hired by NCRA to harass protesters were nowhere in evidence today, their claims to enforcing a bogus ban on “trespassing” having been challenged by at least one walker on Thursday.

Please walk on out to the site via the train tracks on the north side of town and spend some time over the next couple of days in support of Red-Tailed Hawk. Besides the moral support, he’ll need witnesses should the CHP try to dislodge him.

One Comment

Some say its time people stopped protesting and accepted the inevitability of the Caltrans Bypass. But as a businessman and resident of Willits, I can’t go along with a project that is spending millions of dollars on a project we don’t need and ruining valuable land that we do need. I support Red-tailed Hawk and others who believe that our people and our land are worth more than saving a few minutes of time driving through Willits. Thank you all for what you are doing to save us money and save our Little Lake Valley.