Jim Houle: Those who believe in the future are idiots and already have a lot of political power…



A recent article on Ukiah Blog was entitled: “Those Who Do Not Believe We Will Have a Future Should Not Be Placed in Charge of It.  I would take the contrary position: “Those who do believe in the future are idiots and already have a lot of political power“. 

The Evangelical Fundamentalist Christians say the end is nigh, that only they will survive and be raptured into heaven. The Israelis claim that those damned Persians are about to build the Big Bomb that will crisp the “Land of God’s Chosen People”. The only alternative is to crisp the Iranians immediately. Yet the Evangelical Fundamentalist clan do not believe there is any place in heaven for the Jews regardless of the Persians’ plans (its in the Bible).  Surprisingly, both the Israelis and the Evangelical Fundamentalists believe they have a future.

President O’Bomber insists that we must protect our oil supplies and dominate any country that resists us. He seems to believe there will indeed be a future if we can just keep the oil flowing.

Hard-headed geologists explain that the world’s oil reserves are running out regardless of O’Bomber’s policies. Our Financial Overlords foresee a probably-fatal weakening of the dollar as the World’s Reserve Currency should US-protected oil production decline to a mere dribble. The Big Banks feel that making loans to small business is too risky right now and that selling foreclosed houses at today’s market prices could cause the banks to collapse when their lack of real assets is exposed. (Note here that for Big Bankers, planning for the future never extends beyond six months from today). None in these three groups has any real belief in a rosy future.

The Environmentalists insist that our continued reliance upon fossil fuels has raised the CO2 levels in the air and the sea beyond the hope of any near term remediation. We must shut down the coal plants now, they demand.  The  two biggest coal burners, United States and China, have no such intention. The Environmentalists warn that we had better move inland and to higher ground right away. No one has moved yet. Not much hope for the future here.

The working man has seen no significant increase in his pay check since 1976 and has no savings available for moving expenses to get to higher ground. Between 2001 and 2008, wages entry level jobs for college graduates declined 7% and for high school graduates wages declined 4%. With most manufacturing jobs now overseas, it is hard to believe that a good education will ensure a good future.

So, adding it all up, only the Evangelical Fundamentalist Christians, the Israeli Jews, and O’Bomber actually believe in the future. Each of these holds considerable political power today.

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Those who have faith in a Heaven don’t give a damn about the here and now. Too bad they will have to die to see what is on the other side … nothing. I don’t fear death. When it happens I may not even know it did, if I am lucky.