Chris Hardaker: Willits Bypass — These Desperate Times…



Good Morning, Mendo!

What a magical place for a desert rat. The trees, the ferns, the critters, the beards, the smoke. And grass! Actual grass growing anywhere it wants and can; and sometimes it even grows cows! And water, water everywhere.

Damn, this is the first county that defeated Monsanto. It’s in Guinness. A political superstar composed of grass roots. The people’s victory, literally. The sanctity of the environment is a sacred mission to all those who care. Kudos. Monsanto lost the battle. And you kept your seeds.

You defeated Monsanto and banned GMOs. Okay, great. But what has it really done to stem the tide? Okay, maybe a hell of a lot, since it got the news out there internationally. You made Anti-GMO, and probably Monsanto is Evil, a household word for those who still care to read or listen. Okay. Really okay. Prescient. Yaaaay for Mendo. A circle of determined people really made it happen. The rest was signatures and votes. But as a county, as the joke goes, what have you done for me lately?

If you want the answer, his name is Jack Shit. There’s a goddam four barrel attack on one of your most precious corners of the county, Little Lake Valley, Salmon Run Central. And very soon, like yesterday, CalTrans will be giving the lake a heart transplant. Army Corps of Engineers assures us it has never attempted such a thing before, and that it will be experimental, and it will be really interesting to see how things turn out. (Repeat the last sentence three times.)

This is not a Willits issue. This is an ultimate issue. This is an imminent issue. Remember death by a thousand cuts? Visualize that. Now try 50,000. It is called wick drilling.

This is reality check time. You stopped Monsanto, but will you now roll over for CalTrans and sacrifice a valley and its life giving soul? You sacrifice it through apathy, but you sacrifice it nonetheless. Willits will not be able to handle this obscenity alone. Yaaaying for the pittance of media victories in the face of the leviathan is not the way Monsanto was kicked out of Mendo. And yes, there’s tons of local blame to spread around. That didn’t kick Monsanto out either.

A matter of sacred trust, and a matter of moral identity are on the line. Will Mendo sit idly by and let an agency that specializes in waste, destruction and brute force needlessly suck the life out of one of Mendo’’s children without a whimper? If yes, what rhymes with whimp?

Little Lake is crying: “Why have you forsaken me?”


It’s a Big Money Funnel and it’s our money!!!!

I agree that we need the masses to help stop this giant named “Caltrans” from coming through and taking one of the last pristine wetlands in Northern California. How do we do this, Chris and everyone else in Mendo and beyond? Are you on the front lines? Have you rallied people to help? Do you contribute to the cause? Are you learning at action camp and ready to put your body on the line?
We need more people to give a damn- and then put that into direct action. Thank you Will Parrish, Amanda Senseman, Sarah Grusky, and all the others who have put their bodies on the line to stop this insanity!
“It ain’t over until it’s over!”