Arctic Sea Ice: The Death Spiral Continues…


After watching several videos of the breakup of Beaufort sea Ice during the dead of winter, I decided to contact a leading ice expert, Walt Meier of the National Snow and Ice Data Center, for analysis and perspective. I mixed his comments in with the increasingly-on-the-same-page warnings from his fellow scientists around the country.

One Comment

Time out. Safety word, word, word. Severe acute attack of OOS (Outrage Overload Syndrome) triggered by cognitive dissonance. The melting of the sea ice doesn’t bother me. It is easy to think of a whole list of worse outcomes of industrial culture without breaking a sweat. It was the interspersed denial that got to me. I find I am having to listen to Democracy Now with my finger on the fast forward button lest I get triggered by another “debate” where some paid liar is pitted against some sincere, though unsophisticated, activist. This is human bear baiting. You find this everywhere like some strange disfigurement of journalism brought on by chemical pollution. Disgusting. Thank the digital gods for fast forward.