James Lee: The Bigger Picture Behind The Willits Bypass…

Will-ArrestedJournalist/Protester Will Parrish Arrested

Anderson Valley

It is important to understand that the much bigger picture game is all about opening up the North CA corridor for mineral and timber extraction:

“What rarely gets mentioned is that the Willits bypass is part an ongoing series of Caltrans projects designed to open up the California North Coast to large trucks, thereby creating a through loop to foment the development of Humboldt and Del Norte counties (where these trucks are currently banned). The best we can hope for is an informed citizenry willing to stand in the way of bulldozers poised to do irreversible damage to a pristine valley once the deal-makers have provided the project with legal cover.”
GREG KING President, Siskiyou Land Conservancy.

This is verified by the recent sale of the Press Democrat to local politico’s who have deep interests in mineral and timber extraction:

“As reported this morning, the Press Democrat has been sold by Florida-based interim owners Halifax Media Acquisitions to a group of local investors, including lobbyist and developer Darius Anderson and former North Coast Congressman Doug Bosco.

Other key players in the purchase group include Steven Falk, former president and publisher of the San Francisco Chronicle and chief executive of the San Francisco Chamber of Commerce and Bill Hooper, president of Anderson’s development firm, Kenwood Investments, and a former executive with Clear Channel Outdoor, the billboard advertising company.

Darius Anderson has a long history as a high-powered lobbyist for companies like PG&E, Station Casinos, Pfizer, Microsoft and Catellus, and has worked for Clint Eastwood and been a fundraiser for Gray Davis. In 2010, Anderson was fined half a million dollars in a corruption probe. He currently wants to build a $30 million boutique hotel off the Sonoma plaza.

Doug Bosco is another beast entirely, and could wield the type of political influence over the Press Democrat that many of its newsroom writers may not like. With ties to the Savings & Loan scandal and, as a congressman, implicated in the check-bouncing scandal, Bosco is a behind-the-scenes powerbroker with deep interests in gravel mining, timber and development.

His close friend, Eric Koenigshofer, is the attorney for the redwood-clearcutting Preservation Ranch project in northwestern Sonoma County, and appears to have Fifth District Supervisor Efren Carrillo in his back pocket. Anderson, in fact, interned for Bosco in the mid-’80s, and another one of the “Bosco Boys” (yes, they have a cutesy name) is Robert Bone, responsible for the infamous race-mongering 2010 campaign mailer against Pam Torliatt.”

This is also what the ‘Smart train’ coming now up to Cloverdale and eventually further North is also about. The rails are being laid to accommodate commercial traffic. It is part of a grand UN Agenda 21 overall ‘Smart Growth’ agenda being directed internationally into every region to control all resources and people.

Make no mistake. The U.S. is ‘in play’ as for far as natural resource extraction through our water, natural gas fracking, mountain top removals, forests and minerals to now feed other country’s needs for their consumer growth. Where we were the consumers, we are now being used for consumption to be the fuel for other country’s growth and debt exploitation.

What we have been doing to other countries for over a century to support our consumer lifestyles, has now come home to roost. Globalists owe no loyalties to any one country and protestors and activists in Willits would be well advised to understand who and what much larger agenda they really are fighting against.

A critical read is a book written by Rosa Kloire’s excellent expose of what is going right here in the North Bay and beyond titled, “Behind the Green Mask, UN Agenda 21″


One of the original stated objectives of the Interstate Highway program was to provide a transportation corridor for the rapid deployment of military assets throughout the continental US. And of course it could serve the resource extraction industries just as well.

I had the distinctly unpleasant experience of a group lunch with Bosco at the old Palace Hotel several decades ago, when he was an up and coming young power broker sniffing around for influence with the late Mendocino Grapevine. The guy is not to be trusted.

“What we have been doing to other countries for over a century to support our consumer lifestyles, has now come home to roost.”

Yet more evidence that what goes around, comes around. We have been tolerating monsters in charge in large part because they were robbing folks elsewhere and paying us to be quiet. Going along to get along always SEEMS like the sensible response to political subjugation. Never works out.


I was going to give this view some weight until I saw the recommendation to read a book about the UN Agenda 21. Once I saw this I dismissed the idea that the Willits bypass had something to do with large scale resource extraction. Even though the bypass will make it easier to transport natural resources, I am not willing to believe that there is some grand scheme behind the bypass. Unless, of course, stupidity is the grand scheme.

Do some research on the crackpot thinking behind the sheriffs getting all exercised about Agenda 21. Agenda 21 is a pro-environmental protection aspirational document and has no teeth whatsoever. It’s not going to result in guns being taken away from anyone and it’s not going to result in any other restrictions.

I knew there was a larger intention behind the by-pass. The police action alone was enuf to make one wonder about who was power brokering the overkill. Whether the environmental destruction is tit for tat (re our past abuses in other lands) is not the question. The question is how we can stop or slow the short sighted, self-destructive attack on northern California.

Press Democrat can be put out of business. Do not buy the paper and do not buy from any of their advertisers. Write a letter to the advertiser advising them of your boycott and fwd a copy to the PD.
As far as the bypass is concerned it has been in the long range plans for decades, long before any such thing as agenda 21.

With all due respect to CAOldgirl and others who simply cannot fathom the idea that local and regional areas like Mendocino and Nor Cal are being manipulated and controlled for a much larger agenda by the globalists’ resource takeover, please 1) READ Rosa Kloire’s book, ‘Behind the Green Door’ before you dismiss a global conspiracy offhand without further investigation and 2) If you were to hear and read the words and actions from the players themselves who are very clearly stating their globalist agenda, would this then make you believers?

Just Two Days Ago, Joe Biden VP of United States, ‘A New World Order’

and this:

TPP ~ Trans Pacific Partnership~
The Global Takeover Agenda as Directed by the Obama Administration after 15 rounds of negotiations!!

‘TPP Cedes a Quarter of All U.S. Land to Foreign Control (544 million acres of public land) — it would subject to the foreign tribunals’ judgment all contracts between the U.S. federal government and investors from TPP nations — including subsidiaries of Chinese firms — “with respect to natural resources that a national authority controls, such as for their exploration, extraction, refining, transportation, distribution, or sale; to supply services to the public on behalf of the Party, such as power generation or distribution, water treatment or distribution, or telecommunications; or to undertake infrastructure projects, such as the construction of roads, bridges, canals, dams, or pipelines, that are not for the exclusive or predominant use and benefit of the government.”

“In his State of the Union address, President Obama declared in his intent to complete negotiations for a Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). The Obama administration has pursued the TPP through the offices of U.S. Trade Representative Ron Kirk instead of under the auspices of the Department of State.

This was the first time negotiations to create a free trade zone with Pacific Rim countries were made public although 15 rounds have been concluded. Eleven nations are participating: Australia, Brunei, Canada, Chile, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru, Singapore, the United States and Vietnam. Although Japan and China are not presently participating in TPP negotiations, “docking provisions” being written into the TPP draft agreement would permit either Japan or China to join the TPP at a later date without suffering any disadvantage.

To implement the TPP free-trade agreement, Congress will be asked to surrender its responsibility under Section 1, Article 8 of the Constitution to regulate commerce with foreign nations, and grant President Obama extra-constitutional “Trade Promotion Authority” to negotiate the final TPP agreement. The administration seeks to gain “fast-track authority,” a provision under the Trade Promotion Authority that requires Congress to review an FTA under limited debate, in an accelerated time frame subject to a yes-or-no vote by a simple majority vote rather than a two-thirds vote, as required for the ratification of a formal treaty.

Under fast-track authority, there is no provision for Congress to modify the agreement by submitting amendments. Fast-track authority also treats the FTA as if it were trade legislation being negotiated by the executive branch. The purpose is to assure foreign partners that the FTA, once signed, will not be changed during the legislative process.

A report released Jan. 24 by the Congressional Research Service, “The Trans-Pacific Partnership Negotiations and Issues for Congress,” makes clear that the present negotiations are not being conducted under the auspices of formal trade promotion authority as the latest TPA expired July 1, 2007. However, the Obama administration is acting as if fact-track authority were in effect already.

The report states that the TPP is being negotiated as a regional free-trade agreement that U.S. negotiators describe as a “comprehensive and high-standard” FTA. The U.S. hopes the agreement “will liberalize trade in nearly all goods and services and include commitments beyond those currently established in the World Trade Organization (WTO.)”

Oppostion to the TPP ranges from one end of the political spectrum to the other ─ from the liberal Public Citizen non-profit, consumer rights advocacy group founded by Ralph Nader in 1971 to the far-right, conservative news organization, World Net Daily founded in 1997 by Joseph Farah.
Lori Wallach of Public Citizen has written several articles warning about the dangers of the Trans-Pacific Partnership. According to her review of TPP, foreign firms would gain the follow privileges:

Risks and costs of offshoring to low wage countries eliminated
Special guaranteed “minimum standard of treatment” for relocating firms
Compensation for loss of “expected future profits” from health, labor environmental, laws (indirect or “regulatory” takings compensation)
Right to move capital without limits
New rights cover vast definition of investment: intellectual property, permits, derivatives
Ban performance requirements, domestic content rules. Absolute ban, not only when applied to investors from signatory countries

Ms. Wallach opines that U.S. multinational corporations have the goal of imposing on more countries a set of extreme foreign investor privileges and rights and their private enforcement through the notorious “investor-state” system. “This system elevates individual corporations and investors to equal standing with each TPP signatory country’s government- and above all of us citizens.” This would enable “foreign investors to skirt domestic courts and laws, and sue governments directly before tribunals of three private sector lawyers operating under World Bank and UN rules to demand taxpayer compensation for any domestic law that investors believe will diminish their ‘expected future profits.’ Over $3 billion has been paid to foreign investors under U.S. trade and investment pacts, while over $14 billion in claims are pending under such deals, primarily targeting environmental, energy and public health policies.”

This opinion was confirmed by Jerome Corsi in an article last week on World Net Daily, in which he reported that a “leaked copy of the TPP draft makes clear in Chapter 15, ‘Dispute Settlement,’ that the Obama administration intends to surrender U.S. sovereignty to an international tribunal to adjudicate disputes arising under the TPP. Disputes concerning interpretation and application of the TPP agreement, according to Article 15.7, will be adjudicated by an “arbitral tribunal” composed of three TPP members.”

He states:

Because the TPP agreement places arbitral tribunals created under TPP to be above U.S. law, the Obama administration’s negotiation of the Trans-Pacific pact without specific consultation with Congress appears aimed at creating a judicial authority higher than the U.S. Supreme Court. The judicial entity could overrule decisions U.S. Federal District and Circuit courts make to apply U.S. laws and regulations to foreign corporations doing business within the United States. The result appears to allow foreign companies doing business within the United States to operate in a legal and regulatory environment that would give the foreign companies decided economic advantages over U.S. companies that remain subject to U.S. laws and regulations.

Another group opposing the TPP is Americans for Limited Government , a lobbying group and advocacy organization which describes itself as a non-partisan, nationwide network committed to advancing free-market reforms, private property rights and core American liberties.
In a recent statement they pointed out:

This new trade agreement will place domestic U.S. firms that do not do business overseas at a competitive disadvantage. Foreign firms under this trade pact could conceivably appeal federal regulatory and court rulings against them to an international tribunal with the apparent authority to overrule our sovereignty. If foreign companies want to do business in America, they should have to follow the same rules as everyone else. Obama is negotiating a trade pact that would constitute a judicial authority higher than even the U.S. Supreme Court that could overrule federal court rulings applying U.S. law to foreign companies. That is unconstitutional. The U.S. cannot be allowed to enter a treaty that would abrogate our Constitution.

As a director on the board of the American Jobs Alliance, an independent, non-partisan, non-profit organization, I wish to point out some of the additional problems with the TPP that are cited on our website:

TPP Undermines Our Sovereignty and Democracy – it is misleadingly called a trade agreement when in fact it is an expansive system of enforceable global government. Only two of its 26 chapters actually cover trade issues, like cutting border taxes (“tariffs”) or lifting quotas that limit consumer choice. In reality, most of the deal would impose one-size-fits all international rules to which U.S. federal, state and local law must conform. This includes limits on the U.S. government’s right to regulate foreign investors operating here and control our natural resources and land use. TPP also would provide preferential treatment to foreign banks and other firms operating here. The pact would subject the U.S. to the jurisdiction of two systems of foreign tribunals, including World Bank and United Nations tribunals. These foreign tribunals would be empowered to order payment of U.S. tax dollars to foreign firms if U.S. laws undermined the foreign firms’ new special TPP privileges.

TPP Threatens States Rights – the agreement undermines the critical checks and balances and freedoms established by the U.S. Constitution, which reserves many rights to the people or state governments. TPP would obligate the federal government to force U.S. states to conform state laws to 1,000 pages of rules, regulations and constraints unrelated to trade─ from land use to whether foreign firms operating in a state can be required to meet the same laws as domestic firms.

The U.S. federal government would be required to use all possible means – including law suits, and cutting off federal funds for states – to force states to comply with TPP rules. Already a foreign tribunal related to the World Trade Organization has issued a ruling explicitly stating that such tactics must be employed against U.S. states or the U.S. would face indefinite trade sanctions until state laws were brought into compliance.

TPP Bans Buy American – it explicitly prohibits both Buy American and state-level Buy Local programs.

UN and World Bank Tribunals Would Replace U.S. Courts – the “Investment” chapter would submit the U.S. to the jurisdiction of international tribunals established under the auspices of the United Nations or World Bank. It would shift decisions over the payment of U.S. tax dollars away from Congress and outside of the federal court system established by Article III of the Constitution to the authority of international tribunals. These UN and World Bank tribunals do not apply U.S. law, but rather international law set in the agreement. These tribunals would judge whether foreign investors operating within the U.S. are being provided the proper property rights protections. The standard for property rights protection would not be those established by the U.S. Constitution as interpreted by the U.S. Supreme Court, but rather international property rights standards, as interpreted by an international tribunal.

TPP Cedes a Quarter of All U.S. Land to Foreign Control (544 million acres of public land) — it would subject to the foreign tribunals’ judgment all contracts between the U.S. federal government and investors from TPP nations — including subsidiaries of Chinese firms — “with respect to natural resources that a national authority controls, such as for their exploration, extraction, refining, transportation, distribution, or sale; to supply services to the public on behalf of the Party, such as power generation or distribution, water treatment or distribution, or telecommunications; or to undertake infrastructure projects, such as the construction of roads, bridges, canals, dams, or pipelines, that are not for the exclusive or predominant use and benefit of the government.”

In conclusion, the TPP is a direct threat to American national sovereignty, the U.S. Constitution and American-owned businesses. TPP would destroy American jobs and our independence. It would have a negative impact on jobs, the safety of our food, Internet freedom, our right to “Buy American” and our laws. We must make sure Congress rejects any fast-track authority the Obama administration seeks to invoke when it comes time to get final congressional approval.

Please join me in opposing granting fast-track authority by signing the petition at the American Jobs Alliance website: http://www.americanjobsalliance.com. In addition, email, write or call your Congressional representative to let them know that you oppose approving the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

Yesterday in the Press Democrat on Expanding Freight Lines North to Humbolt
(note Doug Bosco is Northwestern Pacific Railroad general counsel as well as major investor in the Press Democrat…no conflict here???)

“The North Coast Railroad Authority is hoping to short-circuit a pair of environmental lawsuits by retroactively saying the effort to restore freight rail service in the region was not subject to state law in the first place.

The agency’s board will consider a motion today that would undo key portions of a 2011 resolution that finalized a $3 million, taxpayer-funded environmental impact report, prepared under the requirements of the California Environmental Quality Act. The resolution wouldn’t disavow the EIR itself, agency Executive Director Mitch Stogner said, but would instead make a technical change to remove any mention of the resumption of freight rail traffic along the North Coast as a “project” as defined in the law.

The 24-year-old agency is trying to restore freight traffic along a 316-mile length of tracks from southern Napa County into Humboldt County. The first segment, 142 miles of track that runs as far north as Willits, has cost the state about $60 million, with still more work left to do.

Although limited rail service resumed between Napa and Windsor two years ago, two environmental groups have sued, saying the EIR was flawed and should be thrown out. Friends of the Eel River and Californians for Alternatives to Toxics argue that the environmental report should have studied the whole 316 miles rather than stopping at Willits, less than halfway.

They also say the EIR failed to look at a number of important issues, including toxic substances such as lead, dioxin, and creosote that might be released by the extensive repair work on the century-old tracks.

Northwestern Pacific’s general counsel, Douglas Bosco, wrote NCRA in March, saying it had unnecessarily exposed the company to expensive lawsuits and asking the agency to make clear that it had not intended to subject itself to state law. The recommendations of the environmental report did produce useful information, which has been written into the contract with NCRA, he said, but it did open both agencies to unnecessary lawsuits.

Bosco, who is an investor in Sonoma Media Investments which owns The Press Democrat, said Monday it had been a legal mistake for the NCRA ever to open the EIR process, though it appears the agency did so in good faith as a way to placate critics of the freight service.

Environmentalists have long questioned the operations and motives of the railroad, worrying that its goal may be to harvest and transport natural resources from the sensitive northern coastal forests and rivers, including redwood timber and gravel, at the expense of endangered species and scenic landscapes.”