William Edelen: What Makes You Cry?


The Contrary Minister

Albert Speer was the most trusted of Hitler’s inner circle. In reading his “notes” lately I came across this scene.  The war is over. Speer is in prison. An intelligence “counselor” is in his cell. The counselor confronts Speer with this question: “Speer, tell me what is it that makes you cry? Have you ever cried Speer? I want to know “what makes you cry?” Speer gave no answer.

That question haunted me. What makes us cry is a clue to who we are and what we are as a human being. My mind went to a statement by Albert Schweitzer that has also haunted me over the years: “A man is moral, and ethical, only when all of life is sacred to him, that of plants and animals as well as that of his fellow man.This is the absolute principle of the moral and ethical.”

So, I knew, I know, one thing… what it is that makes me cry. I know when I cry.

I CRY… reading about a “fighting dog” wandering along a highway in intense pain, with his head split open by an ax by a “so called” human being, who could no longer use him for fighting.

I CRY… when I see dead whales and dolphins washed up on shore as a result of the Sonar testing by the Navy… testing that has been well documented as not needed.More...

I CRY… when I see big, strong, “brave” men clubbing a little precious baby seal to death. While the baby is crying they are pounding  his little head into mush… while they laugh at this “celebration” of baby seal clubbing.

I CRY… when I see that majestic and beautiful elephant made to look like a clown and fool at the circus..walking around a circle on his hind legs with front legs on another in front of him…with men with steel hooks walking close by to inflict pain.

I CRY… when living in Northern Indiana my little children were taken to a hog slaughter house by their teacher as an “educational trip.”.. and all three came home crying almost out of control at what they had seen as pigs were slaughtered.

I CRY… remembering when I was a young boy in West Texas, sitting on a corral fence behind my grandparents home.  I watched  cowboys “breaking” horses with their sides cut and bleeding due to the use of the spurs on the “breakers” boots.

I CRY.. remembering what I have read about the unbelievable torture that dog food companies put their “test” animals through in their labs.

I CRY… when I read the stories from good friends of mine in Nebraska who work almost full time in animal rescue. They are doing such an excellent job that they have received outstanding state and federal grants. They have gone to court many times and have never lost a case of animal abuse or neglect.

I could write ten columns on what we do to “family” pets. One day about 25 years ago my wife and I visited “friends.” Their ten year old son came into the living room, grabbed the family cat by the tail and started swinging the cat around his head… with the cat screaming… and the parents laughing.

I said “do  you allow that?” The father said, “oh he is just having fun… its only a cat.” We left.

I came across a wonderful essay recently with a title of Just A Dog. Author unknown. A few of my favorite lines:  “if you think its just a dog you will understand phrases like, oh well… ‘just a friend…’ ‘just a sunrise…’ ‘just a promise…’ ‘just a mountain…’ ‘just the ocean…’ ‘just a dog brings into my life the very essence of friendship, trust, and pure unbridled  joy…’ ‘just a dog…’ makes me a better person.”

Put these thoughts on your fridge door.

“The morality of a nation can be judged by how they treat their animals” ~Gandhi


Albert Speer was asked: “What makes you cry?”

That is also my question to you… now.

One Comment

The answer to our discontents is right before our eyes.

Some people can not feel for other beings, period. We call them psychopaths, a bad term that implies that they are in some way insane, but the better term is sociopath. Regardless of the term the condition is well studied and described. The less intelligent sociopaths prey on those normal people even less intelligent than they. The most intelligent prey on everyone from positions of power. Sociopaths need anonymity to gain control. In tight, well integrated communities, sociopaths stand out like a sore thumb and therefore cause little trouble. Put them on Wall Street with the power to make the laws and the trouble they can cause destruction of everything.

Research shows that about 4% (The Sociopath Next Door by Martha Stout) of the US population tests out as sociopathic. The intelligent ones therefore, since in every other way they are normal and show the same distribution of intelligence as the general population, are perhaps one percent of the US population. One percent vs. the rest of us. They can keep the pretense of fair competition alive the better to rope in the marks.

Be it by nature or nurture, or a combination which is almost always the case, some very intelligent people have no feelings for or about others at all, not capable of it biologically consequently can have no feelings about a future that they are not a part of. The ascendency of the sociopathic class is the process that is driving our extinction.

These people are free to compete for wealth and power free of the the hesitancies and restraint that the rest of us experience. No normal person, no matter how smart or lucky can compete with these people. In fact, the intelligent person with an ability to feel compassion, to worry about a collective future, is the natural enemy of this sort of person and much of history can be read in this light. History can be seen as sociopaths hunting down intelligent feeling people and killing them, or worse. The process is at a feverish peak now. The entire ruling class of the world is now dominated by these sorts of people. They don’t invest their wealth in productive assists because that would imply an interest in the future and would expose the astronomical amounts of wealth they have accumulated to some risk. Sociopaths don’t understand life, can’t. They understand competition and winning very well.

Either we absorb this reality and act on it, or it will end us. It is medically possible to identify these people with modern brain imaging. When identified they uniformly express surprise with the idea that they are in some way impaired. Their whole life experience is one of believed superiority, of winning against normals and negotiating with other sociopaths to divide up the slaves and the loot.

This has been the story of “civilization” since its inception. In a sense the far right wing sociopaths like Margaret Thatcher and Francis Fukuyama may be correct. History, according to this way of thinking, is over. The monsters have won and they are feeling very secure. After all, it has always been true that they can hire half the working class to suppress the rest of us.

Up to this point deception has played a very big part in taking control of the planet by the sociopaths. Now deception is of less and less importance since populations driven to the edge are not paying much attention to anything but immediate survival any way. More and more we see plain theft replacing confidence gaming. For instance, when they want the uber sociopaths feel free to just empty your bank accounts (already happening in Cyprus) and, if you protest, call you a “terrorist” (a term used by virtually every tyranny to describe their victims) and just disappear you or just kill you outright without excuses.

I don’t see any way out of this without education about this sort of person and the cabals they routinely construct. This, it seems, is at least part of the reason that each generation in the US is less well educated. To them we just look like barn yard animals to be herded and slaughtered as they see fit. Educated animals can be a problem.

If we can not recognize the enemy we can not win the war.