‘They Profit, You Pay’: Activists Slam Nuclear Industry as Fukushima Remains Too Hot to Enter…

Fukushima Anniversary Protest in Tokyo: Greenpeace activists wearing “nuclear scream” masks demonstrate in front of the Japanese parliament (Noriko Hayashi / Greenpeace)

Common Drems

At disaster-stricken Japanese plant and worldwide, the nuclear industry must be held accountable, says Greenpeace

Greenpeace activists protest with English, Japanese and German banners in front of the European Hitachi headquarters in Duisburg,The six reactors of the Fukushima nuclear plant are built by Hitachi, GE and Toshiba (Bernd Arnold / Greenpeace)With the two year anniversary of the Fukushima nuclear disaster quickly approaching, environmental activists from Greenpeace launched a worldwide campaign Thursday calling for the international community to hold the nuclear industry accountable for past and present nuclear catastrophes.

Meanwhile, from the Fukushima Nuclear Plant today, Julian Ryall of the Telegraph reports that radiation levels within half of the reactor units are still far too high for people to enter, let alone efficiently “decommission” them, two years after the disaster began.

According to Ryall, scientists still do not have a grasp on the conditions of the reactor cores in three of the six units at the Fukushima Daiichi plant. They cannot enter the structures to investigate and are confined to using remote-controlled vehicles to get inside the “tangle of wires, pipes and rubble that has lain untouched since the tsunami tore through the facility.”

Takeshi Takahashi, the head of the crippled plant, recently conceded that it will take at least 30 years before the plant could be fully decommissioned.

“Radiation levels at units one, two and three are very high and the cause of that is the fuel that has melted inside the reactors,” he said.

In protest of the subsequent ongoing and adverse effects on public health and the environment—in the past, present, and likely future of nuclear catastrophes—Greenpeace activists across the world called on the nuclear industry to take responsibility for their ongoing crimes.

From demonstrations outside of the Japanese parliament, to direct action outside of GE’s European headquarters in Brussels, to the unfurling of a protest banner at Hitachi Power’s European HQ, activists coordinated actions across three continents to “highlight that the lack of accountability of the nuclear industry is not only a problem limited to Japan.”

Greenpeace reports:

Using giant stickers, photos, projected images and nuclear scream masks, activists have already brought messages such as ‘They profit, you pay’ or ‘Your Business, Our Risks’ to the industry and the public. Activists are also demanding that GE, Hitachi and Toshiba should not be allowed to walk away from Fukushima.

Additionally, Greenpeace stated, a giant blimp with an anti-nuclear message will be seen flying across an undisclosed North American city later Thursday. More actions will be taking place in France, Germany, Belgium, Japan and North America throughout the day, following similar actions in Jordan and Switzerland that took place earlier this week.

Dr. Rianne Teule of Greenpeace International stated:

In the case of Japan, two years after the Fukushima disaster, the unfair system means hundreds of thousands of victims are still waiting for reasonable compensation for their pain, suffering and losses. They aren’t getting the help they need to rebuild their lives.

It is shocking that big companies like GE, Hitachi and Toshiba, don’t feel they have a moral responsibility to help people who have suffered from the radioactive contamination caused by their products. They should be made accountable for the risks they create.



Writers should consider that accurate information about what happened at Fukushima is impossible to obtain. The official versions are too full of holes to take seriously. This has become a property of essentially all “official explanations” about everything dangerous. There is some comfort that modern “perception management” (the euphemism for professional lying) with sophisticated science based methods, means that the truth is out there in the opposite direction. The inverse of revealed truth is most likely to be the real truth. Oh what a mess we have made!

In the meantime there are a lot of strange things to explain about what happened at Fukushima and what caused it. This was clearly not a Three Mile Island type failure. No explanation I have heard from normal channels explains how there was so much destruction, so much destruction that we are told it is impossible to investigate! Transparent lies abound. So we are left again to surmise an extensive cover up.

We all watched the tidal wave drown the town on endless youtube videos. What photos are available show an entirely different level of destruction at the plant than closer to the sea in town. The tsunami was more like a sudden flood than a wall of destructive water. We watched a series of explosions in the reactors on our screens and were supposed to believe a bunch of contradictory “just so” stories as explanations.

This is entirely consistent with our understanding of every significant event since the beginning of the last century. We have entered the millennium of secrecy, that promises to last for only a couple hundred years before the wrap around deceit and manufactured narratives so disables us that we end up causing our own extinction. The willingness of the population to accept these manufactured stories uncritically is to be our undoing.

There is a story behind what happened at Fukushima but we are not going to be told that story. In the final analysis what we can know is that ambient sources of radiation have greatly increased. Fetuses are the canaries in the coal mine here. Watch the newborn health statistics for a peak at the reality that is being successfully hidden.

“U.S. Fukushima Medical Study Estimates 14,000 Dead U.S. Infants from Fallout” (http://oilprice.com/Alternative-Energy/Nuclear-Power/U.S.-Fukushima-Medical-Study-Estimates-14000-Dead-U.S.-Infants-From-Fallout.html)

What is hugely different about Fukushima is that it is STILL spewing out radioactive material, some of it plutonium, the most toxic substance known. Many of these frankenelemets will keep killing for near eternity. Plutonium, for instance, has a half life of 24,000 years. Generally it takes three or four half lives to reduce the remaining radioactive substance to acceptable levels.

“With a half-life of 24,100 years, about 11.5 × 1012 of its atoms decay each second by emitting a 5.157 MeV alpha particle. This amounts to 9.68 watts of power. Heat produced by the deceleration of these alpha particles makes it warm to the touch.”

And that is just the plutonium. The whole cast of evil atoms continue to be produced in the wild, washed into the ocean, or blown in the wind over the entire world. The final reality is that we will now be forced to live with higher rates of spontaneous abortions, fetal death, deformities, cancers and, over all, shortened lives. That we can know for sure, the rest is clouded in corporate propaganda. Then there is the often remarked about fact that these reactors can be found across the globe, each one a ticking time bomb.

The saving grace here is that the man made climate disaster will kill us off sooner than the radiation. It really is all part of the same industrial mass insanity that envelops us, gives us mass consumption of everything, constant wars and, I think most importantly, an eroded human spirit. It is just conceivable that we can come together to stop the insanity, but we can’t stop with a single insanity. Industrial insanity is an entire package. All of it needs to go along with the “industrial thinking” that made it possible.

Life on Earth may well be forced back to the single cell level, but, rest assured, Life will work out the problem and evolve again to cope with the new circumstances, including the enhanced background radiation. Continuation of life on Earth depends on the warming stoping short of what happened with the Venus greenhouse warming event. That would mean the total extinction of Life.

And, just to make it worse, the evidence is that we can have no confidence in any corporate effort to end and remediate the disaster they have caused. Pandora is in the building.

Don’t believe, don’t obey, don’t go with the crowd.