Why Plant Certfied Organic Seed?

While in Port Townsend, Washington, the OrganicNation.tv crew stopped at the Organic Seed Alliance to talk with seed geneticist John Navazio. He brought us to Nash Organic Farm where he’s working to breed healthy and robust organic spinach varieties.

In this video, John explains why organic seed is important and why you can’t just sow any seed for a healthy crop!

For more information about the Organic Seed Alliance visit: seedalliance.org/


Farmer Seed Stewardship Initiative

The Farmer Seed Stewardship initiative involves a network of farmers who identify themselves as seed stewards. These farmers recognize seed as an invaluable natural resource and their role as stewards of seed and seed knowledge. We invite farmers working with seed to join the network and help us pay tribute to – and track through the Farmer Seed Stewardship map! – the growing seed stewardship movement.

The Farmer Seed Stewardship initiative represents a network of farmers who identify themselves as “seed stewards.” To join the network, you must be a farmer who produces, saves, or improves at least one seed variety on your farm for commercial production or on-farm use. You may also be a farmer who conducts on-farm research or variety trials.


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