Mendocino Organics now taking 2013 Vegetable CSA Sign Ups…


Mendocino Organics

Participation in the 2013 Vegetable CSA season at Mendocino Organics is now open!

Until March 1, 2013, we will waive the New Member Fee*.

Please find details on our website here, or contact Paula with any questions.

(707) 272-2711

Once you have learned about our farm and what we plan for vegetable production, you can sign up online

or download a hardcopy of the Participation Agreement

Since we’re sitting here in front of the computer, we might as well give a quick update about the 2013 Vegetable CSA! We are very excited to grow vegetables, that we might even sow some seeds this week. But, before we get ahead of ourselves in the fields, we are staying on top of the administrative side of things.

If you weren’t a Vegetable CSA member in 2012, you may not know that we use a great tool for managing the CSA called Member Assembler. It’s a cloud-based program from Small Farm Central that helps us take CSA sign ups, keep track of payments, and many other things. Last year, we primarily used it for emailing our weekly CSA newsletter, but this year, we plan to fully take advantage of its management tools (after all, we’re paying for it).

While we will still have the traditional Participation Agreement in paper for folks to sign up with, if you have email and reliable internet access, we encourage you to utilize our online sign-up process. It’s very  quick. You will have to option to view your membership status and make payments via credit card. There will still be the option to pay in installments, whether you pay by credit card or check. Note that there will be a 3% credit card fee (PayPal). If you are paying by check in installments, you must send us post dated checks for the installments with your initial enrollment.

In the next couple days, we expect to roll out online sign ups for the 2013 Vegetable CSA :) We hope you like the new things we have planned for members this year – think new optional add-on shares & discounts. Oh, and there will be benefits to signing up early, too!

computer view!

*The New Member Fee ($10.00) covers administration costs associated with the CSA.