Transition: The Next Ten Years…


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All of these “transition’ ideas are a good idea, about 100 years too late. You are not going to change cultures and traditions in a few years or even decades. You will find a small percentage of people who have nothing better to do or who can make money off of some part of it who will be ‘interested’ but when the SHTF…it will all end.

To feed the city of London, it would take an area at least10 times the size of London to feed it’s 8 million population. You need 7 million people to move out of London to the countryside, NOW, to make it even remotely possible. That’s NOT going to happen until after the SHTF, and then it will be too late. This is one time the 3rd world will have the advantage. They are already living a post petroleum/collapse lifestyle. Many will not even notice the change.