Mendo Free Skool’s Skill Share Fair 1/12/13…


Mendo Free Skool’s Winter Quarter (Jan. 21st to March 31st) is almost upon us. We are celebrating the release of the new Winter Quarter calendar with the first-ever Free Skool Skill Share Fair! This is a chance to pick up the calendar, enjoy a potluck dinner, sing a few songs, shake your booty — and take part in numerous exciting workshops!

– Guerrilla gardening (including biochar seed bombs!)
– Tying knots
– Cheese making
– Mushroom foraging
– Watershed knowledge
– Candle-making
– Wine-making
– Bike repair basics
– Piano basics
– Change Your Own Oil
– Raising chickens
– Building with Earth plaster
– more!!

Free Skool Festival and Skills Share at the Spring House at 304 N. Spring St. in Ukiah from 1-8 p.m. We are looking for people with an interesting skill to share that they can teach in a short 1 to 3 hour session that day. Some possible valuable skills people may want to share might include knitting or crocheting or sewing, oil changes for your car, bike repair, basic carpentry, paper making, basket making, candle making, tool making — or you name it. Please contact the Free Skool collective at if you have a skill you’d like to share that day. We will also have the new Winter Session Free Skool Class Schedules available that day!  If you would like to be on our low-volume listserv, send us a blank email to You may also want to join our Facebook page at

The Skills Share Fair aims to celebrate and promote collective skill-sharing and a more gentle, practical way of life. Workshops are likely to include the following:

There will also be live music and dancing!!! (performers to be announced!). The event is a potluck. Please bring:

– a tasty dish of some kind
– 5 friends

Mendo Free Skool is a cooperatively run, grassroots project that fosters community by creating a free and welcoming platform on which to share passions, skills, and knowledge. We provide an alternative to the authoritarianism and alienation that characterize compulsory schooling and other dominant institutions. Through this radical approach to life and learning, we envision a more horizontally structured community based on mutual aid and individual empowerment.