Only Economic Collapse Will Prevent Runaway Global Climate Change…

Nature Bats Last


Never has a worl wide economic and industrial system so in need of being swept away by common sense and decency. If it is just allowed to run itself down the current mass extinction will engulf us. It is a stark choice. Give up on the insanity of dominator culture and the depraved industrial system the produces war and general destruction. I am still hoping some minor nuclear powers decide to send their primitive weapons into low Earth orbit and set them off to destroy the digital and satellite infrastructure.

I watched this presentation alone and then with my wife. I wish everyone on earth would watch this until they thoroughly understand all that it contains, and I wish this information would immediately become the foundational data for initiating immediate and radical action at all levels of government and society to try to save the planet. Unfortunately, this is highly unlikely to happen and the end, as they say, is near.