Climate Change: Why one woman left the insane Fox News cult…


The movie in question is Chasing Ice, a documentary about receding glaciers due to climate change. I’m told it’s very good, though I haven’t seen it yet myself.

But regardless of the documentary’s merits, it’s instructive to note why this woman disbelieved so fervently in climate change. She just trusted Bill O’Reilly. She didn’t look into the evidence or consider alternate views. She just trusted Bill.

That’s how the Fox News cult works: repeat an endless stream of false drivel that conforms to certain people’s false and prejudicial expectations for how the world works and a lot of people will believe it because the authoritative man on the teevee said so.

There’s no “winning the argument” with these people, a few lifechanging experiences like this woman’s notwithstanding. If the Fox News watchers are to be reached at all, there has to be action taken to break the bond of codependent trust they’ve developed with their cultic abusers.

Update by digby: Dennis Hartley review the film Chasing Ice, here


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There are cults like this scattered all over the place. I could go on an on about the right, but why bother, you know all about those. What really does bother me is all those on the left who supposedly more sensitive to the plight of humankind and the Earth, yet only “contribute” by joining some organization or another and only in miniscule ways change their lifestyles. In particular, they never dare to challenge the beliefs or behaviors of those groups to which they belong. Those groups who are promoting of green energy are such cults in that they speak of jobs, of economic growth, without ever considering that global warming is only one of the environmental problems confronting us which result from economic growth. I urge that we stop marching in lock step with any organization and address the effects our own lives are having. We blame industry for CO2 pollution, but it is us who are purchasing the manufactured products.