Shift Change


One Comment

This was useful in the past before the wolves were raging at the door. Now, in the wake of our profound sleep, anything small and weak, especially self help type things, are going to get savaged. Now is the time for only one response with any possibility of success, all out combined resistance. It would have been a lot easier at any time since WWII to start to clean out the psychopaths that terrible conflict brought to power in our country.

We did nothing of note to resist. We watched brave leaders cut down virtually without protest, settling for having streets and schools renamed as symbols of our shameless supine natures. It really is getting so rapidly ugly, ugly in the way it was for us who were caught up as civilians in the American War In Viet Nam, that I have a hard time believing that very many heretofore sheltered people will even be able to open their ears and eyes to the reality that is enveloping them. Ugly in the way your hair would stand up with a knock on your door in the middle of the night. Ugly, as in long thought friends come to betray each other out of fear.

But then I will be an optimist to the end I guess. I still believe that it is possible for a people find their courage and confront the evil that presses its boot on their necks.