Transition: We’re In a Slow Motion Collapse… Take Advantage of the Time Available…

Resilient Communities

Our economic and political system is in collapse and there’s no way to fix it from inside the system.

It’s a systemic crisis. The systems we rely upon aren’t viable.

They haven’t been for a long time. Every year we are worse off than the year before.

A political fix, switch, or reform isn’t going to do the job.

That’s the bad news.

The good news is that we didn’t see a wholesale collapse in 2008. When people lost faith in the financial sector. What prevented it?  At first, it was the US government’s ongoing bailout of the financial sector’s gambling debts.

Since then, it has been the ability of the US government to spend enough to keep 41% of the economy afloat.

As long as the US government continues to borrow at those levels, we’ll avoid a sudden economic collapse like Greece and Spain.

However, this spending won’t fix the system.  Far from it.  We’ll still be in a slow and steady collapse.

Why do I think this is good news?  Two reasons.

Firstly, many people are finally waking up to the fact that the old system isn’t viable anymore, and we need to create a new one.  A system that actually produces a real opportunity to pursue happiness and not the illusion of one.

Secondly, this creeping crisis hasn’t consumed all of our resources yet. We’ve been damaged, sure. But we still have the flexibility to make some strides towards something new.  Something we can have a say in building.

So, let’s TAKE advantage of the time and resources we still have available as well as the growing number of people out there willing to join us.

Let’s RECAST our future and build something better.  Something local, something viable, something that actually makes sense.

Everything we need is right in front of us.  So let’s experiment, prototype, and invent.

Don’t be afraid to try new things. We need to be bold. The future expects nothing less from us.

Remember, the future is local.    

We can network for the rest.