James Lee responds to ‘On Fukushima Beach’…

Anderson Valley

The ‘Gift’ that will just keep on giving and giving ’till it hurts so many so bad!

No bigger topic than this. Our, every…single..one of us, for the short, medium and very long term will likely be effected from what is not being done or even acknowledged some 19 months since Fukushima reactors became compromised and began leaking toxic radiation.

One of the most amazing takeaways from this documentary was that the Japanese officials chose to ‘save face’ and not disclose the radiation affects to their own people, even though those scientists that new the true dangers were/are recommending the evacuation of Tokyo!

This is incredibly unconscionable behavior and these ‘authorities’ need to be held accountable for their egregious behavior. Yet did we  not see the exact same action during Hurricane Katrina in the U.S., when private parties attempted to bring supplies to those in need while FEMA, Bush, et. al took days to provide assistance and remedy?

The other critical takeaway from this is that we are in a complete YOYO (You’re On Your Own) mode of society now.  Each individual, family and town needs to self protect, self preserve and, as best they can, become self sufficient and reliant in the communities where they live.  Their is simply too much evidence that our government ‘representatives’ have zero interest in the well-being of you, me or the future of our children or will come to our aid in times of more and greater disasters.

Our collective problems on radioactive fallout are not nearly as severe or widespread as problems that our children will be facing since radiation intensities increase over time, as referred to in this excellent expose.   (FYI, radiation generally effects children and pregnant women the greatest)

Radiation shelf lives of the type being released from Fukushima last from days to lifetimes to longer than Man has inhabited Earth!  AND NO ONE IN POWER IS DOING ANYTHING ABOUT It.

In fact the ignoring, not the ignorant U.S. ‘leaders’, as of just yesterday, with names like Clinton and Obama, are strong arming Japan to halt that country’s stated goal of no new nukes by 2030.

“To Serve and to Protect?”
Do we see anyone in power, police, fire, etc. setting up local radiation detection warning/checking systems because we know what is happening and will continue getting more radiated into the future (yet they sure can find new ways to ding us with new Cal Fire taxes, that we already pay for in prop. taxes!).  I had the temerity to ask our local fire station if they had any radiation monitoring systems available and was greeted directly with a question of what planet I had landed from?  We need to put pressure on our local officials to set up radiation real time, internet monitor-able, monitoring devices, post haste.  Many of our lives may well just depend on it.

That this huge story is not being reported anywhere by Whorporate News Inc., means we must come to-gather to do what we can in our communities to bring awareness and action.  Soon, within a few months, we are going to be ‘gifted’ with significant Fukushima waste and debris…. for years upon our Western shores.  Are we setting up monitoring stations on the coast and diverting Navy off shore weapon testing funds to solve the problem and clean up the radioactive sea debris as best they can before it all hits land? or will some enterprising group gather the glowing gypsum, bridges and flotsam to hawk as souvenir memorabilia?

Your/our/not my government is allowing the madness to continue unchecked and unresolved because… It’s good for GDP, they will not be in power when the real damage is done and it’s plausibly deniable against lawsuits or criminal prosecution since cancer takes years and decades to occur.

Those who consent to be governed by the likes in power must now accept the ‘Acceptable Consequences’ to paraphrase Madeline ‘Mad’ Albright, former U.S. Sec. of State, who declared that starving 500,000 children in Iraq during the U.S. embargo was ‘worth it’.


All must become acutely aware that the United States operates nearly 25% of all nuclear power facilities in the world (106),  not counting military and university nuclear programs.  Many of these are the exact same Mark I design as in Fukushima, many built on shore and fault lines. The one significant difference on more than some, is that the U.S. allows much greater storage of spent fuel than at Fukushima.  Much of it the same Fukushima Moxy mix of plutonium and uranium.  All nuke facilities are decades old and many past their shelf life of designed operation yet officials have limited choices for decommissioning much less large scale evacuation plans for it’s citizens in the area.

Down in Southern California, San Onofre’s reactors are still shut and they are now going to ‘attempt’ to unload one of the reactors radioactive fuel holdings.  What could go wrong?  (It is also highly curious that those shut down reactors, serving millions, as well as the fact that this summer nearly all of Japan’s nuke reactors were offline, now power shortages occurred!)


The SFBay Area was the central point for nuclear development after WWII through the 1970’s, where open air testing continues to this day.  That cancer rates in the bay area are higher than the national average should come of no surprise to anyone given the accumulated effects from decades of radiation being released.

There are many personal radiation detectors that can purchased now.  I have this one and it is very easy to use, built in the U.S. and you can talk directly with the engineers on how to use it for various readings.

This huge problem is not going away.  It is our legacy to fix and solve but it will not be solved by the same maniacs and sociopaths who caused these global problems by unintelligent design and now look the other way as not to affect the GDP or Wall Street.

It is up to us.  If not us, then who?


A genie that should never have left the bottle, and now the stuff is everywhere.

Before I drop $500-$600 on a rad meter, I’d be interested to know how you use yours, and what it’s telling you.

    Hi Izzy~ I’m an organic farmer in AV and serve food to 18 families subscribed to our CSA. Each week I set my monitor on a few plants and take a 10 minute average exposure reading to ease my mind that the food I am growing for families isn’t being contaminated from external readings.

    I also have set it up with a power plug, to stay on constant monitor in my home. I have not recorded any significant increases so far.

    Though we detect surface radiation with these monitors, it cannot detect accumulated radiation brought into the soil and thus into our food supply as I understand it. There was a food testing lab in Hayward, but they shut down last year and now I believe food has to go to Colorado if we want independent testing for possible contamination of our food, though I’m not sure.

    Another reason for a home monitor is to monitor further known releases as they occur, so you can have the option to stay indoors as well as help warn others.

    It would be much simpler and saner for all if our local health, fire and police could initiate radiation monitoring and education, maybe something like how the fire department will come out to your home to help with fire protection for free. They could easily set up a webcam to show their real-time monitor online as well. This could all be done for not that much cost, maximum benefit to all.

    This will require that we all pressure them to do it in such touch budget times, but since this huge problem is not going to go away and most likely will only get worse given what we now know…..

The new normal. Increased cancer, birth defects, spontaneous abortions (where are the right to lifers as the depredations of Corporate Consumerism lay waste to unimaginable numbers of fetuses), and so forth. These are becoming accepted as normal aspects of individual lives. We are in the midst of a cancer epidemic with obvious causes that is taking away our loved ones and friends right now. But the people who count the profits arising from such disasters get bigger bonuses with each measure of increased destruction. As I keep saying, apparently inarticulately, this is not a multiple issue issue. It is a single issue issue. The issue is that the system we live by is murdering us. We ought to be out in the streets talking about this and ignoring the authorities, the minions of destruction need not our attention. We need to inclusively pay attention to each other and decide on a sharp turn away from the cliff we rush toward. Doable, actually. When EVERYBODY (or close enough) starts working on this as the uber emergency that it is, solutions will present themselves. No going back though. We can never live like we are living now ever again if we would see seven generations.


Vote for Obama. He will solve it and all our other problems.