Conspiracy Theories or Conspiracy Facts?…

Nature Bats Last

American writer Tracy Kidder points out: “In order to go on with our lives, we are always capable of making the ominous into the merely strange.” We ignore ominous warning signs at our own peril. But ignore them we will, and have. And we continue to call them strange, thus attempting to build a protective shell around our tender psyches, comforting ourselves with an amorphous web of blatant lies.

Daniel Ellsberg knows about conspiracies and ominous signs. As he says, “Secrets … can be kept reliably … for decades … even though they are known to thousands of insiders.” These include, for example, the conspiracy he exposed with the Pentagon Papers, as well as the CIA’s apparent assassination of JFK. Such conspiracies are particularly likely in a police state such as the United States where habeas corpus no longer exists and American citizens can be “legally” assassinated. Strategic assassination is just another step toward complete compliance of the citizenry.

In other words, conspiracy theories sometimes are fact. If opportunity, motive, and means are evident, don’t rule out conspiracy merely because you’ll be labeled a conspiracy theorist.

English philosopher Bertrand Russell put his own spin on the horrors of uncovering the truth via thought:

Men fear thought as they fear nothing else on earth, more than ruin, more even than death. Thought is subversive and revolutionary, destructive and terrible, thought is merciless to privilege, established institutions, and comfortable habit. Thought looks into the pit of hell and is not afraid. Thought is great and swift and free, the light of the world, and the chief glory of man.

Small wonder, then, most refuse to think. Thinking is hard, so the majority of Americans prefer television instead. Swimming against a profoundly strong cultural current is nearly impossible, especially when the resulting discomfort threatens our own privilege. And conspiracy theories certainly threaten the ill-founded notion of American exceptionalism.

False-flag terror attacks? Check.

American government agencies buying enough ammunition to kill every citizen five times? Check.

U.S. Supreme Court collaborating with the executive branch to increase corporate power? Check, since 1971 (at least).

Goldman Sachs defrauding its clients with the knowledge of the Securities and Exchange Commission? Check.

Civilian deaths from drones covered up? Check.

The First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution is dead, though most Americans refuse to acknowledge that truth. But the former U.S. Marine arrested for patriotic posts on Facebook knows. After his relatively innocuous posts, he was placed in a Stalin-like mental ward. Displaying the “wrong” political view warrants the same treatment. Apparently questioning 9/11 — an obvious inside job, as anybody paying the slightest attention has known for years — makes one crazy. Or a terrorist. Or both.

When will your silence be met with incarceration, then torture, then early death? These United States are well down the road of tyranny, regardless the mantra of the mainstream.

Meanwhile, the man who campaigned on the closure of the torture facility at Guantanamo Bay recently signed a law allowing indefinite detention of Americans without trial. People keep telling me he’s our best hope. And maybe he is. But I cannot support evil, not in the name of lesser. So I won’t.

It’s not just America, of course. The West is a giant banana republic. Just ask Julian Assange.

Fortunately, the entire set of living arrangements known as industrial civilization hovers on the brink. Near-term collapse is inevitable.

How quickly can industrial civilization unwind? Last October, Bank of England deputy governor Paul Tucker warned banks they could collapse before Christmas of last year. And of course, collapse in Europe is absolutely inevitable. I suspect that would seriously influence the “land of the free and the home of the brave.”

We’re one step from full-scale completion of a long, ongoing decline, as even the occasional Congressional Representative is willing to admit. The next step will be the big one. The monetary situation is direr than the Great Depression and, according to the World Bank, the economic recession ahead will be more severe than the 2008-2009 recession (the one that nearly terminated industrial civilization, according to Ben Bernanke, Chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank of the U.S.). From an imperial perspective, the ongoing economic depression is good news because demand destruction is the only phenomenon keeping the omnicidal boat above water.

Unfortunately, collapse has come too late to save our sorry species. Greenland’s melting breaks the record four weeks before season’s end. Arctic sea ice likely will set a new record next week. Sea level will rise more than 15 cm (6″) annually in the first few years after 2015. In short, we’re done. Alas, it seems we were just getting started.

That our species is headed for near-term extinction is no excuse to throw in the towel. Resistance is fertile, and there is still plenty to fight for. Coming immediately to my mind: the living planet and freedom based in anarchy.


The termination of industrial civilization = a living planet and freedom based on anarchy! Count me in!

I’ve subscribed to most of the “conclusions” in this little “aint’ it awful” summary, except that the writer is sort of like a suicider saying “oh well, world, here we go”. And this despite his throwing a bone towards a completely simplistic pair of quasi-slogans, cited in seaweedmermaid’s box, above. What would I suggest? In the rhythm of the commercial “Got Milk?”, I’d ask “Got Kids?”, and then add, go to their schools and disturb their teachers into being more courageous. Find kids, find schools, push hard, even if it seems like pushing on a string. That’s for starters. And find like minded people. Conspire (sic).

Forgive me for pointing out the obvious. Daniel Ellsberg released the Pentagon Papers years, not decades after the fact. And the Daniel
Ellsberg’s and Bradley Manning’s of the world are precisely why most of the “obvious conspiracies” you list are complete nonsense. The world is a dangerous place, and getting more so by the minute — please try to focus on the real threats the world faces — rather than frothing at the mouth over paranoid fantasies. The real threat to the US is the stupidity of its citizens, and this article is just more evidence.

in order to build a resistance movement, wisdom and history from the elders need to be passed onto the youth and then acted upon. It will either take generations or a disaster to accomplish this. Solidarity will be our saving grace.

“Ellsberg’s and Bradley Manning’s of the world are precisely why most of the “obvious conspiracies” you list are complete nonsense.” I disagree. Ellsbergs and Mannings are very rare. Any report that threatens the establishment is dismissed as a “conspiracy theory” and “complete nonsense” by the authorities and their media. Any instance, such as 9/11, which is too technically complex for most to even attempt to understand, never gets a hearing. Consider how many arguably criminal and long-standing financial conspiracies have come to light in recent days. Yet, they are almost never reported except in specialist financial publications and are never punished except for maybe a hand slapping. How many have been missed? Given the shrinking nature of the economy, many who are supposedly shrewd investors are wondering how it is that the stock market hasn’t crashed – the conspiracy theory is that the Fed is somehow seeding it. I conclude we are privy to very little that is going on in the high reaches of industry, finance, and government, which is often shrouded by squads of highly paid lawyers and which would be too convoluted for most of us to understand anyhow. Alas, I was a DOD contractor with top secret clearance for awhile and learned of not a few interesting items, not big but significant, about which you will never hear. I’m convinced from what I heard there that that was only the froth. Top secret clearance is almost never breached, whether government or industry, because the backing threats are taken extremely seriously. This is why Ellsberg and Manning are so special. Don’t buy “their” conspiracy theory caterwauling – “they” aren’t your friends; personally investigate the best you can and reach your own conclusions.

Problem with the 9/11 conspiracy is that it’s too complex to be true. Without Occam’s razor one is adrift in a sea of fantasy. Global warming is real. Overpopulating the planet is real. Americans using 4x the average energy use of the planet is real. Right-wing take over of the electoral process in this country is real, and if they succeed in electing Mittsie, they will stack the Supreme Court for the entire next generation — just look at the ages of the judges. So what is the reaction of the “Progressives”,? bad mouth Obama, while daydreaming about irrelivant fantasies. Either Progressives, the young, women and minorities get behind the Obama campaign now, and help build a wave of enthusiasm that gets people to the polls in large numbers — or things will be a LOT worse a year from now. And that, my friends, is no fantasy.

You are right, of course, that 9/11 is now irrelevant. Whether “they” planned it or not, “they” got their way in Iraq and Afghanistan with an eye on Iran, with the Patriot Act, with enrichment of the military/industrial complex, and with the (planned?) insinuation that Moslems everywhere secretly or overtly are out to get us, especially those who won’t permit us to control their access to oil and natural gas. The only problem was that “they” stepped in it. Surely you say there was/is no secret conspiracy going on there, just a bunch of fools stumbling around conspiring more or less for all to see. For, if so, who specifically might be the conspirators? We can make superficial, Occam’s Razor, guesses that it is energy company executives and they are not secretly conspiring but simply holding interlocking-directorate directors’ meetings. Bankers are surely involved and government power brokers. Look how BP twisted out of their responsibility for that spill, thanks to the U.S. government. Look how the U.S. government is carefully skirting around global warming. I conclude the U.S. government is dancing to others’ pipes. Can it be there is no conspiratorial “they”, no secret planning sessions are held, only simply ordinary wealthy people doing their free enterprise thing, including buying public officials? A bunch of monkeys typing away and somehow reproducing Shakespeare? I personally guess that that handful of very wealthy are very likely conversing and ultimately control the steering wheel, synchronizing their approaches to preserve that immense wealth. They’d be nuts if they weren’t. They are also paranoid, realizing how tenuous that control is and are not subject to criminal indictment. I.e., they are extremely dangerous to whomever gets in their way including anyone who might leek details – e.g. 9/11. Yes, this is only a conspiracy theory, an untestable inference. What difference does it make if we believe it or not? Indeed, even all the devastation predicted from global warming is an inference that can only be verified after the fact. I’m convinced that all the caterwauling expressed on the blogs about this or that threatening situation are nearly always describing superficial symptoms. We simply don’t have the wherewithal to understand tin detail the underlying sources or rectifications; the blogs are almost entirely a distracting waste of time to read. Oh, one might say, as I have been known to, that the disease is this modern Western civilization. In other words, we or at least most of us Americans are the mostly unknowing conspirators or carefully wearing blindfolds. And, the only cure is for it to utterly fail and be replaced by a healthy one. That is also only a theory. There is no way to certainly verify it except that that failure does in fact happen. Do you think we should wait for proofs?

1. read books on resistance and bringing down industrial civilization.
2. Start a group to build solidarity with youth and teach them your knowledge and wisdom so they may learn resistance.
3. build community sufficiency in your area.
4. train people how to fight power with civil disobedience.
5. be trained yourself.

We will need everyone when it all comes down. no need waiting for proof- it is all around us. no need arguing conspiracies when global warming continues unstoppable at this point.

Love your children and grandchildren enough to get involved in a deeper way than you ever thought possible.

a good place for getting started- Deep Green Resistance by Aric McBay, Lierre Keitha nd Derrick Jensen

As an old friend of mine used to say, “Never suspect conspiracy, when stupidity and incompetance are so much more likely.”

Life is very short, you use your best judgement, and you give it your best shot — for a very short time. So the most important thing you bring to the dance is your judgement. My judgement is that the people who appear to be profiting from the dreadful turn things have taken are just as stupid, maybe more so, than we are. But what I do know is that if “Progressives” had not lost their focus in 2000 and 2010, things today could be very different. (Gush or Bore my ass, what do you people have for brains? Ralph F…… Nader???) If “Progressives”, young people, minorities and women could just get their shit together, and stay focused for 90 days, things might not take such a totally catastrophic turn over the next few years. But if they’d rather day dream about who shot Kennedy, or who “really” flew the planes into the twin towers, be my guest. The American people with the malphesence of “Progressives” and Ralph Nader, elected W. If “Progressives” would rather sit around stoned, playing with themselves and their childish fantasies, now they can help elect Mittsie.

    Stupidity, incompetence and conspiracy are the three legs of the stool of crime. In my experience, five years living in Viet Nam as a civilian refugee aid worker, more than a decade working in Juvenile Justice and practicing as a court qualified expert on child abuse, including comprehensive investigations and, most importantly my familiarity with my crime ridden families of origin, these three elements are inseparable. This is especially true of intelligent criminals, who make the most outrageous mistakes. If this seems counter intuitive, consider the single case of Governor Corzine. This lord of finance, prominent politician, and so forth, was revealed as a total idiot when, after being confronted with proof of vast thefts of depositors money, responded, “The money just evaporated.” The vast majority of normal three year olds are quicker on their feet than that. No, what is at play here is gang politics. Our country has been taken over by a cabal of criminals who cooperate in covering for each others crimes. Enforcement has been unplugged for members of the club. The laws have been continually rewritten to enable ever greater scams and swindles resulting in great degradation. Now at the end of this long slide into criminality it is as if some giant babies, unsupervised, have wrecked the place beyond recognition. And, for whatever reason, the population has been a participant in its own destruction. Amazing stories in these days of collapse.

    I am thankful to be alive to see all this in these most interesting of times.


“Occam’s Razor”? Ha! That’s like “Murphy’s Law” or “Moore’s Law” – just clever semantic phrasings, not in any way fundamental operating principles for the materium. In themselves they usually prove nothing, but often provide conceptual red herrings and/or premature closure for those easily led astray.

“It is what it is.” – Now there’s one that’s hard to argue with. And we find out what it is in our own time. For better or worse, we’re all just passing through.