30 years of trickle-down Republican Reagonomics has devastated our country…

Thom Hartmann rants about how President Ronald Reagan’s economic policies have brought the U.S. to its present economic disaster.


Finance Capitalism

[…] About this whole business of “attacking capitalism“: to the extent that Obama is attacking anything other than Mitt Romney, he’s questioning a system in which the financial sector has grown to an unprecedented share of the economy (pdf):

So we’re hearing a lot of people – including some alleged progressives – declaring that you can’t criticize the way we’ve run our economy for the past 30 years. Why not? The metastasizing finance sector eventually led us into the worst economic catastrophe since the Great Depression; that seems reason enough to question the model.

And bear in mind that Mitt Romney has pledged to repeal financial reform. It seems to me that in the wake of the global financial crisis, that – not Obama’s very mild reformism – is the radical position.


Actually, what we are experiencing are the last stages of the enclosure movement which began in the thirteenth century as aristocrats began stealing peasant lands. This was the beginning of what Marx calls “primary accumulation.” Western Europe had to go through centuries of warfare to moderate the process, which has never ceased. It is also inevitable in any political system that concentrates wealth. The odds now are for collapse helped on by a now global enclosure movement. Peasants in India and Africa are being dispossessed wholesale. The process in the US is largely complete. Further efforts at concentration, which is a compulsion of the rich, will show decreasing returns as the core values of the resources, people, land, air and minerals become so dysfunctional and depleted that value itself evaporates like snow on a hot summer day. Plutocracy will exhaust itself. A deranged population will mindlessly follow demagogic religious leaders and permanent unrest will usher in the final collapse. Think Easter Island, or read about it in Diamond’s book Collapse.

In the meantime relax and enjoy the greatest show the globe has ever seen. Duck and cover as necessary.


I think I agree with y. Not that Reagan didn’t do plenty of damage, mainly by letting the wolves in the sheephouse. But the current administration is pushing U.N. Agenda 21, which pretty well spells out the enclosure movement and a lot of other hellishness for the little guy. Read local author Rosa Corey’s Behind The Green Mask.