Dave Smith: Let Us Now Praise Creative Men…


We are blessed with many creative people around our corner of the world here in Mendoland…  artists and writers and actors and musicians seem to congregate in abundance around Mendocino and Northern California mainly because, I suppose, we live in beautiful surroundings.

I would like to stop just a minute and stand in awe of a particularly rare creative talent shared by two men in our midst that I find magical. That is the ability to pull out of thin air an imaginative piece of writing against deadline.

Todd Walton and Tom Hine create interesting, topical, opinionated columns in the Anderson Valley Advertiser and Ukiah Daily Journal respectively. This is not the common commenting on today’s news that you find everywhere. This is local, original, intelligent, emotional, engaging, tragic, quirky, funny, pissed off writing… done against deadline, week in, week out, year after year after year.

I, for one, with gratitude, am amazed.


Dave! Thank you so much for your kind words about my writing. And thank you even more for posting my articles on your unique and extremely helpful blog. I so look forward to seeing what photo or picture you’ve chosen to go with my articles. Indeed, there are some weeks when wanting to see what picture you’ll come up with is a large motivating factor in my finishing the piece. An honor to be on your show.

And thanx to Dave for his tireless daily late night, very early morning efforts to bring timely and relevant news and views to Mendo Isle and beyond. Also, a further nomination to add one Will Parish to the honorable mention list for his profound writing and deep research on topics of concern to all.