Local Heroes Doing Good Work…


[Local Heroes: Michael Flynn, Megan Watson, Leo Buc, Paul West, Carrie Staller. -DS]

20-educators and performing artists from Common Vision will arrive at a school in vegetable-oil powered buses to deliver a program that includes

  • A 40-min Theater assembly that weaves colorful stories, larger than life puppets, a live band, and relevant, engaging environmental education
  • Planting 15-30 fruit trees in the schoolyard with the students.  Varieties are numerous and school-year fruiting
  • Dynamic 45-minute arts workshops that focus on articulating vision and goals through words,  visual arts, and the painting of orchard signs
  • Fruit tree care workshop for teachers, parents, community members, groundskeepers, and sometimes students.
  • Installation of drip irrigation for the orchard
  • A day that the teachers and students will never forget!


Common Vision implements innovative strategies in sustainability with diverse communities and schools throughout California.  Focusing on fruit trees, local agriculture, renewable energy, and community engagement Common Vision uses inspirational education to create a healthier and more just society.

How We Roll

Common Vision brings inspiring and relevant earth education to diverse communities to cultivate dynamic and experienced leaders in sustainability practice and education. With a fleet of vegetable-powered vehicles, a dedicated staff, and big vision, Common Vision’s mobile operation weaves a wide network in California as it creates and inspires collaborations amongst schools, farms, volunteers, mentors, nurseries, musicians, and native peoples.