Hey, Mendo Right-Wing Fascists: Ya got nothin to tell and sell but hate and fear…


[Here in Mendo we have our Sunday Ukiah Daily Journal served frequently with a prominent helping of steaming garbage from the far right on the op-ed pages. Here to save the day, The Three Mouskateers, Messrs. Mark Albrecht, John Hendricks and Mark Rohloff have taken it upon themselves to “promote the conservative point of view in Ukiah”. They do not appeal with logic nor documented systematic analysis. It’s all “pot calling the kettle black” and pure, red-hot, hyperbolic hate.

Marvin Gentz, bless his heart, and others strive mightily to counter their feverish, inept, ineloquent spewing, and my fingers are getting itchy to blast them back.

With apologies to the community, public service sometimes requires us to acknowledge the existence of those who would destroy democracy if we didn’t stay vigilant. Here is their latest (UDJ 5/27/12) from the fire-and-brimstone gates of Mousekateer hell… -DS]

In the beginning of our once great country, the United States of America was founded on the joint understanding that God was our guide and partner in the enterprise of freedom. Those who landed at Plymouth Rock sought the guidance of the Almighty, too, and eventually premised the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution on this relationship. In fact, the First Amendment to the Constitution states freedom of religion to be the cornerstone of our enterprise.

Today we are at a crossroads dictated by the guise of modernity and the corrupt influence of liberalism [sez you]. At first the founders clearly rejected the influence of the French Revolution and chose God and freedom for mankind. All of humanity must now choose between the freedom of morality or the tyranny of the fall [sez who?]. We do not have to be slaves to liberalism [or conservatism]. We must assert ourselves in order to save the remnant of our nation from the evil of current thinking as promulgated by the liberal minority, yes, minority, of the left [sez you]. This is clearly the time to stand up and be counted for freedom or tyranny [hear, hear].

The question is black and white [blatant racism]. No longer can we compromise [yes, you’ve made that loud and clear]. If we do not turn back tyranny in this coming election (only five months away) we may never again be able to save our freedom [bombast, hyperbole]. To be sure, the left has systematically subverted our institutions with the smoke of Satan (the evil one) and it will be hard to dislodge [oh Bullshit!]. It all begins with your vote. If you fail to vote now, in November, then ruin is in the 90th percentile all but guaranteed [by who?]. Even as the tea party or the shot at Concord Bridge was the first round, we must now strike a blow of historical consequence for our freedom and the freedom of all mankind [more bloviating hyperbolic bullshit].

If this present administration remains for another term, absolute disaster is certain [sez who?]. We are in deep, deep, perilous trouble across the board [thanks to Reagan, Clinton, and Bush]. The so-called leader of the “free” world, a failed apprentice of affirmative action [undisguised racism], has led our nation and the free world, whatever remnant there still is, down the road to perdition [omg, perdition?].

Look around and you see failure everywhere and they, the left, are calling for more of the same [wow, we of the left love failure and hate success with a passion?]. The moral foundation of the Almighty has been rejected [I trust you are on a first-name basis?]. The culture is in vulgar and corrupt shambles [those gd gays]. The financial and economic entities are in near ruin and they dare call for more of the same [oh yeah, we progressives are always calling for more wars, more wall street corruption, more trickle-down nonsense]. It is now only a short step to total catastrophe and universal chaos if we don’t stop this reckless spending immediately [because, as we all know, FDR ended the great depression by reckless spending and we can’t have that!] As one can expect, the left is demanding more of the same. They insist on more and more government spending without any reasonable expectation of ever being able to repay these already overwhelming debts we have accrued [by Republican Presidents!]. We must stop it now [we three being your superheroes here to help save your day].

The hour is upon us as we observe the final act of the tragedy of the presidential disaster that began in 2008 [Uh, no. That would be the 1980 and 2000 tragedies.] There are many indications that point to the collapse and death throes of the Obama administration [you wish] and even of the man’s political career. As his career has been predicated upon the fantasy of his Utopian ideology [democracy] combined with inexperience, incompetence, inability, and corruption, provide the ugly scene of political demise [oops, wrong president]. He now “struts and frets his hour on the stage and then (we hope) is heard no more.” [oops, wrong president again]. Truly we are witnesses to tragedy [barely averted], or so it seems.

We must take back our country [nope, you oblivious numbskulls fucked it over too much already]. We must reclaim democracy [by eliminating eligible voters and corrupting the voting machines?]. The Obama tragedy has been predicated on controlling every facet of our lives [the kettle is black]. There isn’t anything we can do today that isn’t effected [affected?] or controlled by government. The administration has taken advantage of the tears in our government fabric to regulate and/or legislate away our freedom [kettle is black]. This, of course, is the very definition of tyranny, to be sure fascism at its worst [kettle is black]. The thought police (political correctness) effect [affect?] our lives and minds. The leviathan of Obamacare is a regulatory monster to be defined and implemented by the liberal bureaucrats as they go along [yes, we need to take back the commons… health, education, resources, all need to be brought back under democratic control rather than crony corporate capitalism]. Their first assault has been an attempt to eliminate Freedom of Religion [aw, bullshit]. We cannot survive with this atrocity of leftism. Another fantasy of the vain pursuit of Utopia [democracy]. Yes, the very definition of insanity is to keep trying a failed program again and again and expecting a different result, which of course never happens [hear, hear!].

We must stop the denigration of mankind across the board [omg, do we progressives hate mankind…]. We cannot tolerate more lies in our educational system [hear, hear!]. We cannot tolerate more decay in the family [get those gd women back in the kitchen!]. The list goes on and on [No it doesn’t. It’s just the women and the gays and the minorities and the immigrants, and, oh yeah, us progressives, silly]. If we don’t stop this runaway train now it will only get worse, to a point of a final explosion of apocalyptic finality [omg, anything but the apocalypse!].

We can stop it. We must stop it. Vote for freedom [of corporate control].
The Three Mousekateers Ride Again: Mark Albrecht, John Hendricks and Mark Rohloff make up SOSUSA, dedicated to promoting the conservative point of view in Ukiah.
Stay tuned for future episodes of The Three Mousekateers Ride Again. Frustrated authoritarians just can’t help themselves from telling us how it is in their little worlds, and how we have to be also… or else!



Okay, I’ll take the first shot…

I believe in Conserving our valuable resources.
I believe in Conservative fiscal policy (no debt. no instant debt issued currency out of thin air.)
I believe to serve with (con-serve) my fellow earthly inhabitants to end the 200 + daily species extinction occurring today due to Man’s malfeasance and ignorance is of critical importance.

I believe in liberal freedoms for all.
I believe in liberal abundance in Nature’s ways and Earths laws (see Dec. of Independence)
I believe that liberating tyranny from the 1% against the 99% is where our focus needs to be.

I believe in progress to further the future of our children and all Life for the next 7 generations.
I believe to progress is to grow as long as it first takes into account the above.
i believe that to progress is not to digress or regress but to address and apply the growth in knowledge and wisdom that we are supposed to be gleaning now from all history, in this unique age of great access to all information that no other generation has been so fortunate to have.

I believe that to define, label and judge an individual, group, community, state or nation as red, blue, right, left, far right, far left, independent, conservative, liberal, progressive, majority, minority, neo-liberal, neo-conservative, bleeding heart, pot grower, wine maker, enviro freak, .. blah, blah blah, only serves to continue to empower the wealthy elite. Who by design, plan and encourage for this type of behavior as to continue to divide us amongst ourselves so we will fight each other and not realize who is really the Master puppeteer pulling all our strings for their own nefarious Agenda’s.

I believe that we are not allowed to ‘elect’ but only ‘select’ from the wealthy elite’s pool of candidates (got a Billion $ or two to run?), they wish to present to us every 4 years (See Ron Paul).

I believe I have an inherent right to not be monitored, targeted, profiled, have my phones tapped, my emails read, drones flying over my land or have my right to healthy raw milk and food taken away from me solely because Big Brother says so.

I believe we have a right to clean, healthy air and not have our skies polluted with nuclear radiation, chemicals sprayed from government planes and agricultural toxic practices.

I believe that from the view of the Universe, the Earth has No Borders or fences except what Man has made and that They are extremely envious of our human diversity to enjoy and celebrate the many cultures and languages that exist here.

I believe we are all unique but not special. I believe we all share common DNA to the 99.992 degree and that we all need healthy food, water and air and each other to exist.

I believe a doctor knows just where to operate on anyone because we are essentially all the same inside.

I believe we all have a right to our own (pick one or none) God, Allah, Buddha, Rastafari, Jesus,Yaweh, atheistic, my dog, etc. given rights to first and foremost be responsible citizens of our one true common Mother that gives us all Life. 2nd, live in blissful freedom from remote tyranny, pray, meditate, contemplate, or not, to whomever they wish.

I believe we are all capable of new visions of much better ways than the limiting, controlling, plutocracy (monetary wealth trumps all) that has zero interest in your or my health and well being.That has enacted systems to keep us sick, dumb and blind as to their true Agenda to enlsave all through technocratic means and cultural (TV, Movie, Iphone, etc.) subliminal programming.

I believe we all need to convert to the Church of the greater good for all and not the self serving, I win a lot and you get so little, Uber- wealth accumulation capitalism that capitalizes on the many for the profit of the ever increasing few.

I believe this kind of very short term, one-takes-all game of Monopoly Capitalism is killing all Life due to the the legal rights of corporate personhood to pillage and rape the lands without conscience or liability solely for quarterly profit. That is providing a very questionable future for all our children.

I believe that the Native Pomos and Native American tribes were really onto something deeply profound, where the fish always swam in abundance, where there was always plenty of food in season and their existed family, community and happiness. And for over 6,000+ years they existed in harmony and reverence to the Great Mother and Father above all else.

I believe that we are all connected to the same strand of the web and what we do to each and every strand, for better or worse, effects the entire web. And should we continue to use the Earth solely as a sewer and supply house we will surely reap what we have sown.

Finally, I believe that we, together, and in unison, are a much much greater power than any government or power ever could be.

That be should We the People, stop our bickering amongst ourselves, realize we all breathe the same air, all are fed by Love, all need each other to exist and flourish.

And that Father Ben was Right and he has Left us with his Independent wisdom when he stated:

“We must, indeed, all hang together, or assuredly we shall all hang separately.”


The thing of all of this is is that what is harmful to the majority of people is presented in a positive way such as Iraq freedom. “Welfare Reform” “NAFTA” or the current one that will affect me is “Save the Post Office” which gives a birds eye view of the problems caused by something harmful being presented as the solution to a problem or the improvement of the status quo.