Romney The Liar Lies About Public Sector Jobs Again…


Willard continues to distort the economic record at every turn. Now he says that President Obama deliberately “bailed out” the public sector in his stimulus, and that the public sector needs to shrink. In point of fact, it already has. The facts are these:

Paul Krugman posted this chart last week:

Krugman explained, “That spike early on is Census hiring; once that was past, the Obama years shaped up as an era of huge cuts in public employment compared with previous experience. If public employment had grown the way it did under Bush, we’d have 1.3 million more government workers, and probably an unemployment rate of 7 percent or less.”

If you take all the job losses that have happened under President Obama, and all the job gains over the same period, the economy is still in the hole — but nearly 100% of the losses are from the loss of government jobs.

This may seem counterintuitive, and the right simply chooses not to even consider the facts on the merits, but the principal difference between our fragile recovery and a more robust recovery is the domestic austerity measures that have been in place — and served as a counter-stimulus for three years.

In point of fact, it is REPUBLICAN state governors that have overwhelmingly been purging public employees. Romney is saying the EXACT opposite of the truth when he says that the public sector was bailed out, just as he lies about EVERY aspect of economic policy.

But hey, what else can Willard the Sociopath do? The truth would defeat him.

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“Living Wage” private sector jobs are in tatters due to downsizing by corporations and jobs being sent out of the country. The cry to downsize government is really a red herring to do away with government workers and unions.
A case in point is the recently bill S1789 passed in the Senate and :”held on the desk” in the House. While this bill should have never seen the light of day HR2309 is even more warlike in it’s attack on Postal Workers. If either of these bills are passed or a combination of both it will serve as a template for all workers when 100,000 postal workers are let go