Don Sanderson: A Madness…

Don and Becky


“Few men are willing to brave the disapproval of their fellows, the censure of their colleagues, the wrath of their society. Moral courage is a rarer commodity than bravery in battle or great intelligence. Yet it is the one essential, vital quality for those who seek to change a world which yields most painfully to change.”  – Robert F. Kennedy, 1966

Like a Viking berserker, we swing our clubs wildly, determinedly destroying our natural Earth, wracking extinctions beyond the worst recognized to this point, killing the ocean, disrupting the climate, exhausting vital resources, and spreading human poverty and cruelty into every corner without, it appears, a dollop of guilt. This strikes me as symptomatic of madness. So, I went digging for verification beginning with a definition of “mad”, which I summarize from Miriam-Webster:

1 disordered in mind : Crazy, Insane

2 a : completely unrestrained by reason and judgment : utterly foolish : Senseless b : incapable of being explained, interpreted, or accounted for : Illogical

3 carried away by intense anger : Enraged, Furious  b : keenly displeased : Angry, Irked

4 carried away by enthusiasm, infatuation, or desire

5 intensely excited, distraught, or frantic

6 marked by intense and often chaotic activity : Wild, Furious

To which, I compared that for “Sane”:

1 : mentally sound : possessing a rational mind : having the mental faculties in such condition as to anticipate and judge of the effect of one’s actions

2 : proceeding from a sound mind : being without delusions or prejudice : free of ignorance : Logical, Rational, Sensible

It appears to me that we display all the first set of symptoms. Lobotomy, everyone? Of course, we average Americans, utterly foolish shoppers all, like to place the blame all on the other guy rather than ourselves, but it doesn’t stick. Yes, some joyfully satisfy our whims at a price. Infatuated with piling up dollars as a result, wealth logically far, far beyond what they ever can spend. Thus, we find ourselves in the 1 percent/99 percent trap and increasingly beat our heads looking for escapes. So, we demonstrate, which only demonstrates our ignorance of history. On the other hand, who dictates that history must invariably repeat?

Recently, in an interview, prescient economist Nouriel Roubini noted “The news isn’t good. There’s a huge amount of anger.” “I stopped by (OWS). My view of it is that it is a symptom of the economic malaise that we’re facing not just in the United States, but all over the world. It started with the Arab Spring, and of course, poverty, unemployment, corruption, inequality eventually leads to people becoming restless. But now, you have middle-class people in Israel saying we cannot afford homes; you have middle-class students in Chile saying we don’t have education; you have riots in London; people smashing Mercedes and BMWs of fat cats in Berlin and Frankfurt; you have an anti-corruption movement in India. It takes a lot of different manifestations, but we live in a world with a lot of economic insecurity, of worries about the future, of inequality, poverty, of concerns about jobs. And [Occupy Wall Street] is the manifestation in the U.S.” We discover ourselves in a trap of increasing poverty, at least we 99 percenters, and grow angry and distraught, increasingly intensely more so, but we seem to have no escape. The wellbeing of the Earth takes last place to all of these concerns for most, far below that of jobs, except when environmental disruptions, such as those giant storms and droughts apparently caused by global warming, impact us. The justifications for putting us away pile up. I hear some of you urging on the extinction of humankind, its suicide, as the best solution. The fourth version of the “Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders” (DSM) published by the American Psychiatric Association defines the field; “normal” erratic behaviors evinced by each of us embarrassingly appear on many of its pages.

Yes, nearly all of us express anger and anxiety, but our fears presage all these, not unusually fears spread by the one percenters in order to keep us confused. As an escape, we throw resolutions of all other difficulties in the arms of waiting authorities, which exactly serves their purposes. Rather than delve into the complexities, we operate by gut feel of the moment and pass on, never taking the time to question. Almost invariably, those supposed experts so narcissistically revel in infatuation with their positions, with their stories, that we could hardly do worse. Almost invariably, those authorities, politicians, corporate managers, bankers, lawyers, government bureaucrats, engineers, physicians, and religious capos luxuriate in the inflexibility of their beliefs, which they often equate with Truth. Witness psychiatrists with well worn DSM IVs at their elbows passing out pills and charging horrendous fees for their expert “services”. How can we possibly question those who have spent lifetimes acquiring their specialties, ringing them around with stout abstruse jargon bulwarks against doubts the unwashed may express?

Materialist scientists, whether physicists, chemists, biologists, physiologists, medical scientists, or psychologists and sociologists, share a common belief, that all the world behaves according to inflexible natural laws, predictably so to the nth decimal point, given enough time, resources, and equipment, Poor humanity, only robots mindlessly bouncing off of walls. Experts will come to your aid, they say, by skillfully finely tuning you and repairing your aberrations, physical, emotional, mental, political, theological, … – for a price. But, wait; these human experts also consequently must also behave robotically and their assertions emerge automatically, without rational choice, as a result of their programming, not of any willful effort; they carefully avoid adding 2 + 2. Who wrote the program that they identify as Truth, so mechanical, so boring bereft of enthralling creative fictions, or poetry? But, wait; why, then, do they often disagree? Interesting.

As a consolation, the 1 percenters also evince great fear; Note the militarization of Homeland Security, the DEA, the Secret Service, the Border Patrol, and state and local police everywhere and the terrorization of those who protest. Indeed, in general, authority figures by nature react with alarm and often fierce defenses should any question their supposedly indisputable rights. Greed also has fear roots. Surely the DSM IV categorizes such behaviors?

Can you doubt that a deep mental disorder pervades civilization? Yet, I would declare this essay as a failure if I left you stuck in this morass. In fact, I see possible escape routes. Permit me to attempt to trace the illness back to its source, for only then do we have a possibility of healing rather than only by treating symptoms with palliatives as we do at present – often with worse side effects. Is usual, I’ll dump you into deep water, but scatter abundant sanity preservers.

At the start of the twentieth century when this technology flood had only begun to overwhelm the old ways, German philosopher Edmund Husserl yelled STOP! The world we continually perceive, our real daily experience of ourselves, doesn’t fit in this inflexible edifice of supposed hard facts. We do not perceive it in words and numbers, but more directly and ambiguously. The phenomenal world that greets us each awake moment, everywhere we take the time to notice, flows like a river of ever changing ever merging events, exceedingly complex, forming nowhere fixed “things”. These includes our bodies, our emotions, our feelings of beauty and love, happiness and grief, all our relationships with family and community, all the cultural trappings we prize such as our music and other arts, and all of our stories, our hopes and dreams, our urge to create. Philosopher David Chalmers has recently characterized the difficulties of determining how awareness of this interior phenomenal world may arise within our brains as “the Hard Problem”, which none so far have disputed nor solved.

Early nineteenth century philosopher G.W.F. Hegel, another German, popularized the concept of Zeitgeist, spirit of the time, the idea that culture arises from a collective unconsciousness which dictates or at least influences the actions of its members. Later, Carl Gustav Jung developed the idea of archetypal myths, “ancient or archaic images that derive from the collective unconscious”, that provide the foundation of innate universal psychic dispositions which form the substrate from which the basic symbols or representations of conscious experience emerge. Jung distinguished the collective unconscious from the personal unconscious reservoir of experience unique to each individual in that the collective unconscious collects and organizes these personal experiences in a similar way for each member of a particular species. Joseph Campbell, in his “The Hero with a Thousand Faces”, made a definitive argument supporting Jung’s hypothesis. Of course, materialist scientists threw up their arms in horror. Where may we find this unconscious among all the atoms and molecules?

We may view science from two different perspectives. From the phenomenological perspective, scientists study recurring patterns and infer likelihoods of larger pattern generalities, which they then investigate – and around they go. Materialist scientists only become interested in those patterns when they can theorize certain underlying materialist causes, preferably embedded in mathematical formulae. For example, extensive successfully repeatable experiments have displayed the likelihood that telepathy occurs to the point that how anyone can argue that it doesn’t happen amazes. Some of the most compelling evidence comes from the study of identical twins. But, materialist scientists can’t imagine a material way this may happen, so they steadfastly ignore these results and mock these conclusions. Other scientists have found we, all of us, carefully ignore any evidence, no matter how solid, that steps on our presumptions, that threatens our pet stories. How do we ever learn?

Those “new age” scientists, i.e. those not locked in to materialism, who probe perception increasingly find that when we experience sensory impressions, we almost immediately add more or less elaborate verbal descriptions of that which we perceive. These verbal overlays also almost immediately distract our attention from further direct sensory experience and monkey mind rules. In other words, most of us spend little time actually experiencing the phenomenal world out there (or in here). Rather, we endlessly tell stories to the point that some have asserted that our personalities consists of nothing but stories, many of which we may dredge up from our shared unconscious. Worse, the worlds we create with our stories vary according to the language we use. For instance, see “Through the Language Glass: Why the World Looks Different in Other Languages” by Guy Deutscher. As Alfred Korzybski recognized, Western European languages and especially English differ from most others in significant ways, especially in the prevalence of use of forms of the verb “to be” and the resulting presence of absolute statements, DSM IV-style certainties, presumptions that obscure nature’s phenomenal fluidity. Korzybski’s arguments and of those who have followed him have convinced me. You may note I’ve not used such verbs anywhere in this essay – catch me, if you can. The so-named “phenomenological” language resulting from writing and speaking without the use of these verbs more closely reflects direct sensory experience. I’ve considered adding many paragraphs on this subject, but not now. I only blaze a trail for you with a related few references,  J. Samuel Bois’ “The Art of Awareness”, Laura E. Bertone’s “The Hidden Side of Babel: Unveiling Cognition, Intelligence and Sense”, and Bruce I. Kodish’s “Sanity and Survival for the 21st Century and Beyond”.

Those who follow Jung’s lead see dreams as instances of the unconscious become sort-of conscious (though seldom verbal). In the fifties, some researchers discovered they could predict when a person dreamed by the rapid movement of their eyes (REM) while asleep. Telepathy experimentations customarily used awake recruits. Putting two and two together, several scientists queried whether a person attempting to send a telepathic message could effect another’s dreams. Successes followed. These experiments appear to confirm the existence of the collective unconscious. While these researches particularly studied contact between two individuals, this raises the possibility, maybe likelihood, that we unconsciously share thoughts collectively with many without awareness we do so; thus the Zeitgeist. What of marketers’, propagandists’, and miscellaneous authoritarian crap insidiously, subliminally, infecting our common unconscious? What mechanism?

Our world flows with electromagnetic vibrations. In fact, according to quantum mechanics, it consists entirely of such. We perceive only narrow bands with our five senses. Vibrations beyond these ranges include those associated with radios, cell phones, and satellite television among many others. In each of these latter cases, transmitters transfer events recorded from sensory ranges to much higher frequency ones. Transceivers then capture these latter and reduce them again to the original ranges. In order that transmitters and transceivers may communicate, engineers reserve specific wave bands and standard encoding of signals. Scientists have monitored electromagnetic vibrations to very high frequencies without finding gaps. However, research has failed to tame these seemly wild vibrations down so that we can transceiver meaningful happenings at those levels other than for those that were previously transmitted; these other vibrations remain only so much static noise. Can worlds similar to ours exist at other vibration ranges unbeknownst to us, sensationally unobservable by us? Theoretical physicist Michio Kaku, in his “Physics of the Impossible: A Scientific Exploration Into the World of Phasers, Force Fields, Teleportation, and Time Travel”, answers affirmatively.

Can we at least potentially become conscious by other means at these higher frequency levels? If we could, could we experience those worlds directly, as definitively as our present material reality? Robert Monroe produced radio programs (“The Shadow Knows”) in the now ancient days. He became interested in applying what he had learned about sound engineering to sleep learning. He also was experiencing out-ot-body adventures apparently wandering higher frequency worlds. This combination led him to develop a method to retune most minds to higher frequencies by sending slightly difference frequencies into each ear, which he named Hemi-Sync. As thousands have learned, by choosing appropriate frequencies most can travel within one’s consciousness to higher frequency worlds out-of-body. The Monroe Institute has since almost become a railway station to the other side. Monroe died in 1995, but remains active maintaining a station over there. Travelers tell us that beings communicate telepathically out-there. This may sound incredible to many of you, likely however not as many as you might guess, but solid evidence piles up. “Suddenly Psychic: A Skeptic’s Journey” by engineer Maureen Caudill will tantalize as will “Brain Wars: The Scientific Battle Over the Existence of the Mind and the Proof That Will Change the Way We Live Our Lives” by neuroscientist Mario Beauregard.

Monroe travelers do yeoman work fruitfully rescuing those who get stuck leaving the physical after dying as well as with other services. However, I have concluded the purpose of our physical lives, at least mine, centers on attuning to, harmonizing with, and co-creating with my fellow presently Earth-resident beings, not in escaping elsewhere – which will happen in due course in any case. Nonetheless, any skills we develop in tuning into higher vibrations will prove valuable, since so much of what goes on in the natural world happens at higher frequencies. No evidence exists of absolute constraints that may keep you from growing ever more aware without end should you wish. For this purpose, many have found it useful, even vital, to deeply meditatively involve themselves with nature, the wilder the better.

Psychoanalyst Elisabeth Lloyd Mayer received her doctorate from Stanford, functioned as an associate professor of psychology at Berkeley and the University of California Medical Center and on the research faculty of California Pacific Medical Center and supervised students at the San Francisco Psychoanalytic Institute. She served on the editorial boards of many of the leading journals in her field and received many awards. She displayed all the trappings of a stanch materialist and surely frequently referred to her DSM IV. In 1991, someone stole her daughter’s unique and personally precious harp. After all other attempts to find it had failed, a friend told her “If you really want that harp back, you should be willing to try anything. Try calling a dowser.” After having given up hope otherwise, with deep incredulity Mayer called the American Society of Dowsers and reached its current president, Harold McCoy in Arkansas. She explained the problem and Harold replied, “Give me a second, I’ll tell you if it’s still in Oakland.” After a pause, then, “Well, it’s still there. Send me a street map of Oakland and I’ll locate the harp for you.” She overnighted him the map and two days later he called with the address. She knew she couldn’t approach the house, so she advertised for the harp with a reward posted on poles in the neighborhood. In a very few days, she succeeded in recovering the harp and a thought immediately arose, “This changes everything”. How McCoy could have done what he did drove Mayer’s urge to understand and led her on a 14 year chase that she recorded in her “Extraordinary Knowing: Science, Skepticism, and the Inexplicable Powers of the Human Mind”. Mayer swung a heavy club that materialists scientists would find extremely hard to deflect, if they bothered to read it. She discovered in amazement that materialists’ unwillingness to accept such a preponderance of evidence gave evidence of a DSM-style mental aberration – my interpretation.

Those intent on preserving their privileges cringe with the thought that you might read such material. For instance, that you might learn that spontaneous healing need not be spontaneous raises a grave threat to medical science in particular and materialist science in general. Curiously, according to polls, most of us, including a large majority of materialist scientists, admit having unexplainable experiences, but steadfastly will not discuss them for fear of ridicule. A clue to an explanation to what is happening: travelers report that in higher frequency realms the laws governing photons, electrons, protons, and neutrons, i.e. physical matter, don’t apply, that rather imagination, communication, and creation inter-flow. If you can successful work close to the fuzzy border, tune right to the edge, you can make seeming miracles occur. Why don’t we all do this? Because we have unconscious programming, thanks to the Age of Enlightenment (what a laugh), that says “miracles”. i.e. the unexplainable, don’t occur, couldn’t have occurred? Funny, supposed primitive, backward, peoples all over the Earth, such as average Mexicans, Indians, and Brazilians, accept such happenings without question. Funny, the Gospels recount that Jesus performed many miracles, including bringing himself and several others back to life after they had died; he insisted that “You shall do greater than I”, that you can move mountains if you believe. Yet, almost no professing Christian actually accepts this or ever apparently has.

I shall end with what is arguably the big story of our times. Many thousands, likely millions, have seen at least one so-called UFO or flying saucer, sometimes very elaborate displays. Some have cataloged a very large number of such experiences with video, radar tracks, and etc.. Observers report they appear to blink in and out of existence, move through right angles, and accelerate at unearthly velocities. They appear solid on radar screens and Air Force fighters openly pursue them. UFO enthusiasts proclaim kidnappings and mutilations. Movie producers have profitably declared for extraterrestrials, ETs, yet the distance to the nearest stars and relativity theory assure us that it would take many thousands of years at an immense energy cost and technical sophistication for any to travel from anywhere out there – as material bodies. Why would they bother? Only to play silly hide and seek games? That seemly doesn’t compute. Mainstream media and almost every other news source very curiously carefully avoid mentioning them, in fact mock those who “claim” to see them. Also remarkably, governments provide no explanation or openly show any interest. A large growth, perhaps cancerous,  protrudes from your nose, but everyone, even your physician, acts as if it doesn’t exist. Interest in UFOs may evince some sort of mass unconsciously programmed illusion; the DSM IV would call it a delusion. Well, maybe not.

M.D. Steven M. Greer underwent a near death experience in his seventeenth year, after which his interest turned sharply toward meditation. At about the same time, he experienced his first UFO observation. In subsequent years, he found he could sometimes induce a response by flashing lights. Twenty years later in 1990, these UFO activities became more serious. Greer wanted more intelligent conversations and began to develop a protocol that would enhance this. He found UFOs would respond to light and sound, but more interestingly to thoughts. Given his meditation efforts, Greer discovered he could skillfully move his attention into those higher frequencies normally used by ETs. In the following two decades, he has taught his protocol to thousands and most of these have experienced contacts.

Throughout these activities, Greer’s groups have undergone harassment by the U.S. military. On the other hand, he has attracted many who had previously worked on these counter-UFO activities, but who had become disenchanted. They brought many tales and secret documentation. In an attempt to wake up the American populace from the top down, on Wednesday, May 9th, 2001, over twenty military, intelligence, government, corporate and scientific witnesses (of the more than eighty who had contacted Greer) came forward at the National Press Club in Washington, DC to establish the reality of UFOs or extraterrestrial vehicles, extraterrestrial life forms, and resulting advanced energy and propulsion technologies – The weight of this first-hand testimony, along with supporting government documentation and other evidence, established without any doubt, it surely appears, the reality of these phenomena. And, the U.S. government didn’t respond.

In the past few years, the information flow between his groups and the UFOs has burgeoned and participants have had many prolonged direct communications with ETs. The ETs with whom they have engaged have originated from about 300 different civilizations, each many thousands of years in technical advance of ours. Each of their worlds exist at higher frequencies, which enables them to escape the confines of relativity theory when journeying. Even so, they have invested a bundle to travel here, some have come from the far side of the galaxy and not just for sightseeing. These groups represent a peaceful Galaxy-wide federation. Our roughshod treatment of the Earth and each other, including the potential of all our nuclear weapons spreading around the galaxy, disturbs them greatly. They’ve decided we can’t solve the underlying problem by ourselves and have come to offer us an alternative, but won’t force it on us. Greer documents this in his “Contact: Countdown to Transformation”. If you purchase this book from, you may also obtain a two hour DVD containing many scenes of UFOs in action as experienced by his groups. The technologies the ETs promise to give us will utterly destroy our fossil fuel economy, all our fighting over resources and need for militaries, the pharmaceutical and agribusiness industries, and the presumptions of authorities in many fields. The world government or rather swarms of local governments intended would make a green and spiritual anarchist blush with pride. Besides Greer’s, many other contact groups recount consistent tales beginning with that of a healed Earth. Of course, the same old humans would only destroy it again, so we must remember our inseparability with a healthy Earth and rediscover our lost skills as described by Elisabeth Lloyd Mayer or not be invited on board. Fear not, it is also said that a new humanity will arise healed of all that superfluous fear and greed.

Surely, you say, mass hallucinating rules here? Has, somehow, a certainty, a Truth arisen like Venus out of the phenomenal waves? Maybe some sort of archetypal myth clothed more bizarrely than we have previously experienced has bubbled up from the messengers’ shared unconscious? It seems versions appear everywhere, Pure Land and Shambhala Buddhist, Shi’ite Moslem, shaman of many colors, of course Christian, and many others less intuitional. Nothing like this certainly has ever actually happened before that we know, at least here, so how can we judge? By gut feelings seeping up from the same unconscious? Those carrying the message provide “only” anecdotal evidence, but welcome us along on their adventures at no cost other than for trip expenses and willingness to meditate. Do we react like materialist scientists and religionists and wave them away without investigating? In fact, nothing like the past century’s wars and technical explosion have ever happened before to such explosive extent, so we can’t claim the world can’t change in a relative flash; sixty-five million years ago, the large dinosaurs disappeared in such a moment. Nor can we assert the completeness of our knowledge of how the universe works; far from it, since complexity confounds on all sides. One huge got-ya: how can awakening happen for the bulk of humanity, who appear so locked in their technological toys, elaborate presumptions, and ever mounting “needs”, i.e. neediness, to ever notice what is happening until too late?. How about waiting, and hoping, perhaps even inviting, since all other doors give evidence of slamming shut in our faces? Of all the forms of madness I can select from the DSM IV, I shall choose this hallucination, given the piles of supporting evidence, rather than our present suicide track. So, we may end up in the same gutter, which worries me not at all.

Many, including governments, reportedly climb aboard. A new day dawns. Hang on. Surely, at the beginning, confusion will reign and the main stream media, the authorities’ voice, not only will not help, but will sow threat and fear. Many will feel attacked. Something like martial law will necessarily calm overt reactions to fear, if not fear itself. Only as positive messages describing the emerging state arrive, especially those by internet, and little positive local verifications appear will this become accepted and will peace result and resolution of our deep problems proceed. The messengers, many of them, say that the Federation has no ulterior motive other than peace, love, and healing, the evolution of the new humankind unconstrained by fear, and no intent to impose except to spew love without constraint. Some units of the U.S. military may attempt to take counteraction and private militias form, but none will withstand the Federation’s incredibly advanced technologies. Already, it may have defused all the world’s nuclear weapons. I can’t predict when this will occur, but they say “soon”.

Messengers say that the Earth is undergoing a transition to a higher frequency, which those humans who intend to accompany her must also. My great concern: Many of us, it appears most of we Americans, wander in a fog of greed, violence, and fear. “Making a living”, encumbered by cars, sleeping, and eating dominate our lives. We fill our “spare” time with entertainments, including ever shopping, pacified by drugs legal or not. Stories, replays of the past, guesses of the future, and present concerns, all immersed in a cloud of others swirling around, perpetually fill our brains to the point that we hardly ever notice the phenomenal world-out-there in which we swim, let alone the deeper one within. These messengers note that if we desire to make the transition, those out-there will not forget us. But, they will not interdict our free will, force us to transition. I fear that many people, wonderful at heart, may not notice the changing Earth until it has slipped away. But, do they truly have free choice, given our corrosive culture? Although, the messengers say awakening can never come too late and love has no bounds, leaving any behind even for a moment bothers my heart.

Among those likely to cross with ease, Dennis Kucinich surely fits the bill. He has often disregarded the disapproval of his neighbors, the censure of his colleagues, and the wrath of his society. For instance, he freely told of his UFO experiences without blushing, for which Fox News said “it proves he’s nuts” – real men don’t see UFOs . Kucinich gave the commencement speech at the American University of Dubai, May 9, 2012, before a largely Moslem audience, including His Highness, Vice President and Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates and Ruler of Dubai, Sheikh Mohammad bin Rashid Al Maktoum (oh, my). You may find this amazing speech at His final words:
“At a time when the technology of destruction and the capacity of human destructiveness is so great, this is exactly the time to create a common global effort to build communities of peace, to provide structures in every country to help peace issue forth and flourish. I, too, believe that if we will make of human development a new art, we will set our eyes to the distant horizon and plough the seas with wondrous effect. We can then lift up our eyes to the heavens and, with our imagination, with joyous abandon, plough the stars, and a thundering universe will burst forth with new possibilities and we will make heaven on earth. ‘Come my friends, ’tis not too late to seek a newer world.’”

I end by expressing my great gratitude that Robert Kennedy, Edmund Husserl, Carl Jung, Alfred Korzybski, Robert Monroe, Elisabeth Lloyd Mayer, Steven Greer, and Dennis Kucinich, have dared to prick our certainties, crack open our neurotic, obsessive incrustations, and open up quite awesome alternatives. These individuals surely fit Joseph Campbell’s hero characterization, as did Campbell himself.

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From Marat/Sade. the movie:

“What’s the point of a revolution without general, general copulation, copulation, copulation?”

Sung as a round.

What’s the point of trying to stay sane in a sea of madness? Is it even possible? And how would we identify such a person? These questions confront radical individualism with the inherent insanity that it is. Only physically and mentally healthy COMMUNITIES can even possibly give rise to sane individuals, hence there are no sane individuals only sane communities of which they are a part.