60 Million Cancers From Nuclear Weapons Radiation…


‘We are living through the worst public health scandal in history’ — 60 million developed cancer from nuclear weapons tests and government data backs it up.

In the videos here, acclaimed nuclear industry scientist Dr. Chris Busby says we are living in the worst public health scandal in history proclaiming that 60 million people have developed cancer from radioactive fallout due to nuclear weapons tests.

Busby will surely be attacked for his statements by nuclear apologists but the truth be told the US government’s own data goes a long way toward substantiating Busby’s claims.

To be precise, Busby claims 60 million cancers due to the radiation fallout from nuclear weapons test while US government data shows a slightly lower number of cancers – about 40 million cancers – due to background radiation in the United States. At the same time that same government data shows  132.76 million will get cancer in the United States and nearly 70 million of those people will die.

What is in dispute here is the margin of error between the governments 40 million cancers due to radiation versus Busby’s research showing 60 million and I am inclined to accept Busby’s research over the government’s which is clearly influences by the nuclear industry along with lobbyists from other special interests groups.

But what the government won’t admit is that the so-called “background radiation” is largely the result of nuclear weapons tests and those levels are  orders of magnitudes higher in the United States than in nations in the Southern hemisphere of earth.

You can verify this for yourself by viewing real-time US government radiation readings from all major cities in the US.

Is Background Radiation Safe? Find out how many people in the US will get cancer and die from it.

According to the NJ Department of Environmental Protection Literature 43% of all people will develop cancer in their life time and 22% of all people with die from the cancer.

The EPA has estimated that the additional lifetime risk associated with drinking water that contains 30 ug/L, the MCL for uranium, is about 1 in 10,000. This means that if 10,000 persons were to consume two liters of this water per day for 70 years, we might expect to see one additional fatal cancer in the 10,000 people exposed. This increased risk should be viewed in the context of current cancer statistics.

According to the American Cancer Society, approximately 4,300 people in 10,000 will develop cancer at some point in their lifetimes and approximately 2,200 of the 10,000 eventually will die of cancer. Consuming drinking water containing uranium at the MCL permitted under the Safe Drinking Water Act might increase the number of deaths in the 10,000 individuals so exposed by one.

Source: NJ DEP

With background radiation accounting for 30% of all cancers 1290 people in every 10,000 people, or about 1 in 8 people,  will develop cancer from “safe” background radiation. Further more  and 660 people in every 10,000 people, or almost one out of every 15 people, will die from the cancer developed from background radiation.

Making sense out of all of the numbers:

In flat percentages:

43% of people in US will develop cancer
22% of people in US will die from cancer
12.9% of people in US will develop cancer from background radiation
6.6% of people in US will die from cancer caused by background radiation.

Let’s put that into a national perspective. The 2010 US census counted a little more that 300 million people living in the United states. Using the numbers above:

Event Percent Of Population Estimated Affected US Population
Develop Cancer 43% 132.76 million
Death From Cancer 22% 67.92 million
Cancer From Background Radiation 12.9% 39.82 million
Death From Background Radiation Cancer 6.6% 20.37 million

*Note: Final Population Estimates where rounded DOWN to the nearest integer of 2 with a precision of two decimal points.  So a precise number of estimated deaths will actually be slightly higher than the numbers I provided.

I am sure if I made any errors in my calculations I will be notified. I also source the current literature as provided by government officials and respected, trusted medical organizations. I could have chosen other numbers which would have shown the cancer rates from background radiation to be even higher.