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[Jamie responds to this post that appeared here yesterday which included my headline and intro… -DS]

Though I have a lot of respect for Rob Hopkins and Dave Smith it pisses me off when we, who do our own deep research, who think our own independent thoughts, who think critically, who come to our own conclusions, who work tirelessly to be the change we must see, get labeled a (pick one or more) libertarian, egalitarian, liberal, conservative, tea party hack, red, blue or ‘jerk’ because of our independently derived beliefs that there really is an Agenda to deceive, control and depopulate the many.

It is accepted fact by many that Nikola Tesla did discover, and was able to create, ‘Free Energy’ in 1905…and then had his lab and his life destroyed by the Robber Baron J.P. Morgan (see J.P. Morgan Bank of today) because the powerful elite at the time would not be able to make money on ‘free’.

It is also fact that our school books teach that Thomas Edison discovered electricity when it is actually the alternating current we use today was of sole the design of Mr. Telsa. In gruesome capitalist fashion, Mr. Edison used to torture and willingly killed puppies and other small animals at World’s Fair’s using Telsa’s AC to discredit him. He also maneuvered to have the first electric chair in prison use AC to show the world how ‘dangerous’ it was.

One should also re-search the work of Eugene Mallove, former MIT Chief Science Writer, who was murdered after he was ridden out of MIT and founded the publication “Infinite Energy” in 1995.

Now am I going to be labeled a ‘jerk’ because I feel is truly incredulous that we still run on combustion engines that have not been improved upon in 110 years, that in the 1920′s we had hyper efficient electric trains everywhere until GM, Firestone, Mack Trucks and Standard Oil (Rockefeller) formed the United Motors Transportation Corp. and bought up all the electric trains in America so that the consumer must purchase only personally polluting vehicles (PPV’s) and that the same companies are in power today?

Bottom line is that we do have the ability to biomimic Nature’s ways of creating limitless energy but that it will never be made available to the masses in a capitalist, endless profit, endless war, economic structure that exists.

As for the ‘one size fits all’ attack on Foster Gamble. Is it really hard for people to understand that Mr. Gamble is speaking out directly against his own family interests when he speaks of a planned eugenics program and a conspiracy (two or more people planning a crime) to depopulate the world through vaccines, food chemical crapification and metal soil spraying, light defusing, chemtrail programs?

Especially when it was his family that was/is? working with the Rockefeller Agenda as evidenced here:
“Eugenics was a scientific theory that grew in popularity during the 1920s. Eugenicists believed that poverty, promiscuity and alcoholism were traits that were inherited. To eliminate those society ills and improve society’s gene pool, proponents of the theory argued that those that exhibited the traits should be sterilized. Some of America’s wealthiest citizens of the time were eugenicists including Dr. Clarence Gamble of the Procter and Gamble fortune and James Hanes of the hosiery company.”

Now some of us independent thinkers have followed closely the propagandist piece by Al “Global Warming” Gore and was awarded the same Nobel Peace Prize as Endless War Obama. Then suddenly the terminology, without question, gets renamed to ‘Climate Change’ without questioning, which closely follows the chill of 2010 when snow blankets the Northern Hemisphere and snows in 49 states on the same day. Co-incident name change or what?

Additionally questions in my mind were raised when the Climategate Scandal occurred directly before the Copenhagen Climate Summit, where the elite at the Climate Research Unit of East Anglia are caught directly falsifying data to fit the elite Agenda to develop a Carbon Trading Exchange in Chicago (home to Obama, Emanuel) to be run by …wait for it..wait for it…..Goldman Sachs, et al. Another Co-incident?

Yes, we as anthropogenic humans are causing destruction of our planet through our polluting, smogging, chemtrail spraying, rain forest burning ways. How can we not be?

Yet, we also must understand that the Earth does change temperatures over history, significantly at times. The polar caps have melted previously, long before man came along. That natural occurring earthquakes do occur as the planet grows and expands and that sun spots and solar flares, do continue to cause changes in our weather and lives.

Yes, we must re- learn to conserve, reduce, renew, recycle, localize our economies and take personal responsibility for our health of our OneWorld. We must re-learn the ways of the true natives of America, who cared for these lands, where the fish still came up the Navarro river for over 6,000 years, if we wish for our children to have a chance with what a mess we are leaving them.

As for the credibility issue of ‘Thrive’ the most significant blowback I get comes from his discussion of the alien issue. Well if I were to believe someone who would know i would believe a guy like Edgar Mitchell, who was commander of Apollo 14, who upon return to Earth in his space shuttle had a ‘epiphany’ about the plight of Man (see his DVD ‘Message from Space’) who quit the Apollo Program upon his return to Earth to form the highly acclaimed Noetic Science Research Institute located down the road in Petaluma.

One can also google ‘Astronauts, Pilots, etc. and UFO’s’ to see other spacemen who willingly admit that we are not alone and you can re-search the excellent work of William Cooper, who was a top security cleared Navy Intelligence expert, who was ‘allegedly’ murdered for his work in disclosing the truth about the UFO’s, the true reasons for the creation of the NSA and CIA.

Another extremely credible expert in the excellent movie ‘Thrive’ is Nassim Harimein, who after being derided and dismissed by the science world due to his outlandish theories of Unified Fields, was awarded by the same physicists in 2009 for his work to out ‘Einstein Einstein’ on his work titled “Quantum Mechanics, Relativity, Field Theory and Gravity. That Mr. Harimein completely agrees with Mr, Gambles ‘Torus’ model should not be dismissed so readily.

Now as for the question of can the few control the many for so long?…would I also be called a ‘jerk’ for asking the question of an alternative Agenda, that if I wrote a document starting with the words ‘We the People’, why would I then, with my fellow elite white guys, only put laws into effect entitling 4% of the population (white men owning land) to be able to vote as well as willingly write law allowing enslaved African Americans to be described legally as 3/5th’s of a person?

…and if I and my fellow Patriots had just fought a bloody war of succession for independence from the hated Brits, knowing if I lost I would die, just after achieving my independence, why would I then go and choose the exact same colors of the enemy flag to symbolize my new nations colors???


Another silly magical-thinking, self- propagandizing, smooth smirking, self-aggrandizing Libertarian bullshitter..

…who questions everything

….who cares deeply.



thanks for the thinking out of the box reply!

Thank you thank you for finally a truth that I can resonate with… It appears to me that so many of the criticisms of the film are more about the peoples holding on to their cherished beliefs and perhaps not wanting to be linked with a bit more strange or unusual ideas. Well, they need to be reminded that once upon a time their ideas were really strange (and to a certain degree, still are, like Robbins vegetarianism) but whats really behind this (in my perspective) is this notion of HOW do we keep our movement (pick your movement) alive and well.. with its monies, fundings, articles, movies, etc. And if something comes along that s t r e t c h e s our agenda then its more likely that you/we will get criticized for it. I publish HopeDance, all about sustainability and positivity. Before that I published a magazine called Critique: Exposing Consensus Reality that exposed any consensus belief that I could get a hold of… BUT I realized when I was publishing HopeDance that I dare NOT talk about many of the things from that earlier time since I would be “killing the sustainability movement” before it got off the ground (this was back in 1996), as it were… and forget the “truth” and simply “build a movement,” like a good soldier.

However when Thrive came out I cheered, the truth was finally coming out of the closet and the sustainability movement had enough strength to stretch out into other areas of new energy, new science, consciousness, conspriacies, quantum physics.. or so I thought. And thus the criticisms….

But for me, I opt for the truth telling that James Lee represents. Im now allowing for the first time since the 17 years of sustainability building via HopeDance and film screenings to go for broke and find truth wherever it might be. I even brought to Mendocino a laughter yoga session last summer right here at the MEC to stretch the confines that we so often times desperately search for and then get attached to.

Einstein said we need to look outside of the box that actually got us into these problems and that our solutions needed to come from outside the box thinking… He didn’t spell out what he thought was “outside the box.” He left that up to us. Im now reevaluating all the weird things I studied while I was publisher of Critique where I was more interested in truth than actually building a movement. Well now that that sustainability movement has some basic groundswell lets go for the truth of what is outside the box. Lets listen to the likes of Bashar or Marcia Schafer or watch the History channel Ancient Aliens or Dean Radin/Lynn McTaggart of IONS and Jon Haidt speaking about the new emotion called “elevation” that is contagious where people who do good and who are courageous touches off our own emotion to do something similarly. I need to repeat that word “contagious”!!

Thank you James… we are only beginning to stretch into the new truths but we cant really listen to them if we get criticized for even going outside the acceptable box of “sustainability.” We are in critical mode and we need to listen to all sorts of creative ideas rather than create tinier nitches that only block us in all the more. This is the time to get really enthusiastic and to stretch our minds to include more and more, not less and less. Stay in touch with what we are doing at HopeDance at http://www.hopedance.org. Thanks James for writing and David for publishing it. Im going to spread your letter far and wide…
– Bob Banner

I much enjoyed the intelligent, even wise, comments hopedance, seaweedmermaid, hruhs, izzy, Jamie Lee, and Gus Sobrero have expressed on “Why the Movie ‘Thrive’ is Just Another Crock of Libertarian Bullshit…” Huzza! Funny thing. While I profess a pretty dedicated green anarchism, I find libertarians to be good company, much better than Democrats.

I’d love to see your source list of “accepted facts”