The Real Hunger Games…


The REAL hunger games have begun in the Capitol: This week the House is voting on $36 billion in cuts to nutrition assistance, or SNAP, which would kick 2 million people off the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (formerly food stamps), reduce benefits for 44 million more, and drop 280,000 low-income kids from school lunch.

Visit Half in Ten to learn more—and how you can stop the Capitol from winning.

An Austerity Backlash: From Sen. Bernie Sanders’s website…

France handed the presidency on Sunday to François Hollande, who declared that “austerity can no longer be inevitable.”  In Greece, Germany and Italy, parliamentary and local elections Sunday were seen as setbacks for austerity measures. Sen. Bernie Sanders saw a lesson for the United States in the European elections.

“In the United States and around the world, the middle class is in steep decline while the wealthy and large corporations are doing phenomenally well. The message sent by voters in France and other European countries, which I believe will be echoed here in the United States, is that the wealthy and large corporations are going to have to experience some austerity also and that that burden cannot solely fall on working families.

In the United States, where corporate profits are soaring and the gap between the rich and everybody else is growing wider, we must end corporate tax loopholes and start making the wealthy pay their fair share of taxes. At the same time, we must protect Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. Austerity, yes, but for millionaires and billionaires, not the working families of this country.”


I went to half-ten and signed the letter, So easy to do.
Bernie Sanders has consistently shown his support for the working public and consumers.
He has spoken against the effort of some members of congress who are “WORKING Hard” to dismantle the USPS through S1789 and HR2309.
S1789 and HR2309 are similar in that closure of smaller post offices, closure of over 200 distribution centers,,elimination of 100,000 current employees,establishment of 2 Postal Authorities that can over ride union contracts,, gutting union representation for the workers, allowing the USPS to set up their own health care Insurance which would prohibit postal employees from the choices they have now,
There’s More
S1789 and HR2309 would also cut the compensation pay for injured workers who have a dependent and to remove those over 65 years from compensation for their work related injuries and put them on retirement at 50% of their rate of pay at the time of injury.
The Gritty Part OF All Of This
is that these bills are proposed as the Way to save the Post Office when CONGRESS
passed the Postal Accountability Act HR6407 mandating that the USPS fund 75 years of retiree health benefits in 10 years,This means that the USPS MUST come up with 5.5 billion each year for 10 tears,
Before this bill was passed the USPS was solvent, it’s revenue covered it’s expenses.
Workers don’t need to be let go,, service to the public doesn’t need to be cut, nor compensation for those injured at work.
HR6407 needs to be rescinded and it wouldn’t hurt to give back over payments the USPS made to OPM and to Fers.