Turn the lights out, I want to see the stars…


Those of you who have seen ‘In Transition 2.0′ will have noticed the song that closes the film, ‘Turn the Lights Out’ by Rebecca Mayes, which was composed especially for the film.  The song will be released as a single on May 7th, and proceeds will go to Transition Network.  I’ll remind you of that nearer the time, but for now, here is the recently completed video, which features some of the clips you sent in of people turning lights out, and a short cameo from someone you might recognise…

Free FARMAGEDDON screening Tonight Wednesday 4/11/12 6:30pm @ Saturday Afternoon Club brought to you by the Mendocino Time Bank

This Event will be offered for free and asking for $ donation at the door. Alternatively a cooperator from the Mendocino Time Bank will be present with snacks and information regarding the Time Bank, how you can become a member and how the system works for you. Become a member and gain admission to the movie for your first Time Bank transaction, no US dollars involved.

The movie will begin after a 20 minute presentation regarding the state of agriculture and your community.

Visit http://farmageddonmovie.com/ for a trailer for the film

Farmageddon highlights the urgency of food freedom, encouraging farmers and consumers alike to take action to preserve individuals’ rights to access food of their choice and farmers’ rights to produce these foods safely and free from unreasonably burdensome regulations. The film serves to put policymakers and regulators on notice that there is a growing movement of people aware that their freedom to choose the foods they want is in danger, a movement that is taking action with its dollars and its voting power to protect and preserve the dwindling number of family farms that are struggling to survive.