GMO/Monsanto Do Not Buy List…


[Because of our outstanding Food Co-ops, Collectives, Responsible Markets, Local Farmers, Farmers Markets, and CSA’s… and all the locals working on garden and food projects, I haven’t knowingly purchased any of these products from any of these companies in many years. Are we lucky to be living here in Mendocino County or what? -DS]



Interesting list. I too seem to have avoided almost every name on the list. A great irony is that the Worthington and Loma Linda brands are associated with the Adventist Church that supposedly promotes vegitarianism and healthy living, not. Getting out my wet towel I fling it over the issue of our affliction with radical individualism which promotes the idea that individuals can act in signifigant ways, particularly when spending the too much money they have, to aleviate the effects of malignant capitalism. No way. Now if a really large group of people came out and loudly committed to each other to never feed the beast by buying stuff from it then maybe, but folks would still be forced by economic circumstances to shop at Food Max and Walmart until the system is brought down.

A bunch of “me” people can do little until they become a “we.” Sit before you stand, crawl before you walk, walk before you try to run. Most of my liberal friends look to me like small children running with scisors, but that is their right I guess, as chronilogical adults.

Suffering is the only cure for stupidity. May we experience those things that we would rather not have experienced in order that we may learn the hardest lessons. The Universe remains kind and nurtruing. The future, if, against the odds there is one for our species, for those who listen to their hearts and act out of love rather than those who listen only to their thoughts and act out fear. The antidote to this situaion, and the path to fulfillment, is solidarity and mutual support, which needs to proceed the making of plans and the execution of strategies.

Fear of Monsanto, I am sure, is just fine with them. The controlling interests at Monsanto are sociopathic. Impunity is their goal and they are right on track to be the richest people when they finally bring distruction on all of us, including themselves. From the sociopathic viewpoint that is the definition of success. Our current lust for sociopathic thinking is suicidal on a species wide basis.


Well, you have a little control in the supermarket. You have no idea what you’re getting when you go to a restuarant. Makes eating out challenging.