Live Power Community Farm CSA Signups…

Member Sign Up For 2012

Okay here we go!
We are using Small Farm Central again for membership sign ups this year. Please let me know how it works for you and if you have any questions or concerns.

Returning Members

As a returning member, please look for the returning member link at the top of the page in green. Click the link and then you will need to know the email address you used last year for sign up. If you do not have the same email address, you can go back to the beginning and just sign up as a new member.

If you shared with someone last year, and will be getting your own share or sharing with someone else this year, be sure to change the information as you go along in the sign up accordingly otherwise it will not let you continue.

Here Is The Link To Sign Up

Please go to this link and follow the directions on the site. Please be sure to check a box in each section to be allowed to go to the next section.

Please be sure to include all family members’ names and phone numbers as well as share partners, including cell phone numbers. It is helpful to have all contact information in case I need to contact you at the sort.

You will find that you have to make a choice in each section to complete the sign up. There will be a fruit share offered from Filigreen Farm later this year, please keep an eye out for that message.

Shared Membership

And if you are sharing a share, it will be necessary for you to make decisions ahead of time so that you sign up together. It is important to include the contact information for all families or individuals on the one sign up so everyone will be on the mailing list and we have contact for everyone. The email you will receive once you sign up will give the amounts owed for the entire share, not just your portion.


If you want further information on the shares being offered by the farm, please go to this link on our website:

You can also look around in that section of the website to the Overview and Our Philosophy for Community Sustained Agriculture.

Please, if you have any questions or concerns or cannot figure out the sign up or you cannot find what you want, contact me! 707-983-8196 or

In addition to having a wireless EBT Food Stamp Machine again this year we have also begun a memorial fund to help families needing support for membership. I will send the details in a separate email, please look for it.

I have attached our flier for 2012, please pass to your friends and post at your work place or anywhere else you think people may check it out and be interested. Thanks

Looking forward to seeing you all Tuesday May 1st!

Gloria Decater
Live Power Community Farm
25451 East Lane
Covelo, CA 95428