Dave Smith: Best Damn Pizza in the Universe Bar None… (Update)

Oh no! This is NOT one of Greg’s pizzas!


When I make pizza at home, I always, always, pile way too much and way too many different ingredients on. I guess because it seems to be the American way of living large or something. Or maybe it’s because of all the choices available at Round Table and you fall into a pattern of having tons on top.

Here in Ukiah we have several good choices when we’re hankerin’ for something cheezy and greezy. There are home town favorite Marino’s and the ever-present Round Table. There are the (ugh) cheapo national chains. Schat’s offers tempting varieties sitting there amongst the croissants and sticky buns. And only recently the new owners of the Brewpub installed a pizza oven, hired away one of the Round Table managers, and offer pretty good selections which I assume are all organic.

And then there are Greg’s pizzas at Mama’s downtown (formerly Local Flavor, and before that the Garden Bakery). Greg Shimshak says he learned pizza-making “from mama” and then honed his skills while learning and working at Alice Water’s legendary Chez Panisse in Berkeley. While there, he worked with our beloved Jacquie Lee who eventually migrated to Ukiah and opened the Garden Bakery, then retired and rented the building to Greg and Heidi. And that is why we have great, great pizzas available here in Ukiah.

I’m no sniffin’ hoity toity… my taste buds are very peasanty. Why Greg’s pizzas are incomparable is the difference between piling on the goop and the subtlety of blending just the right amount (not too much) of just the right combination of ingredients for the tastious flavors: field mushrooms, caramelized onions, goat cheese, fresh herbs; wilted kale, chorizo, onion, fontina; wilted spinach, basil pesto, onion, tomato sauce, goat cheese.

Try them out and see if you don’t agree there are no better tasting pizzas anywhere in the universe.

Well, ok. So I haven’t been to Italy…

Yes, you can also get your pepperoni, your roasted chicken, and your italian sausage.

The problem? They’re only available for take out on Friday afternoons from 4:30 to 7.

UPDATE: Announced today, pizzas now available same time, Tuesdays – Fridays!

Mama’s Cafe and Bakery. 463-0312.

P.S. We are also blessed with the best Japanese restaurant in the Universe around the corner on the same block.