Adbusters Media Empowerment Kit For Teachers Helps Break Earth-Killing Consumer Trance…


[Parents/Grandparents: Please don’t make your kid’s teachers buy this for their classrooms. Go in with other parents in your school and share this around… -DS]

Teachers – Adbusters’ Media Literacy Kit ($125) will inspire your high school students break out of the media consumer trance! Each kit includes:

  • a lesson binder with photocopy-friendly removable sleeves
  • a DVD chock full of images and video clips
  • For a limited time: Get a FREE 1-year subscription to Adbusters magazine with purchase of the Media Empowerment Kit.

Designed as a flexible teachers’ aid, the kit features 43 lesson ideas, including personal challenges, group activities, discussion starters and eye-opening readings. Lessons are divided into three areas:

I. Explore Your Mental Environment

    • NEW IDEA: What is the Mental Environment?
    • BRAINSTORM: Explore Your Mental Environment
    • NEW IDEA: Pollution of the Mental Environment
  • FIELDWORK: Count the Ads in Your Mental Environment
  • READING: The Tragedy of the Mental Commons
  • ACTIVITY: The Mental Environment Index
  • READING: Media Diet
  • DISCUSSION: Is Your Identity Your Own?
  • BEHIND THE ADS: The Truth About Tobacco
  • BEHIND THE ADS: The Truth About Alcohol pdf
  • EPIPHANY: Mirror, Mirror on the Wall
  • BEHIND THE ADS: The Beauty Industry
  • DISCUSSION: Living in an Electronic Environmentpdf
  • WAKE-UP CALL: Are You a TV Addict?
  • PERSONAL CHALLENGE: Can You Give Up TV for One Week?
  • Sample Letter to Parents

II. Explore Your Physical Environment

  • EPIPHANY: How Many Brands…and Plants do You Know?
  • DISCUSSION: Consumption and the Planet
  • CALCULATION: How Big is Your Ecological Footprint?
  • BEHIND THE ADS: How Cool Are Cars?
  • ACTIVITY: Advertising and Food
  • BEHIND THE ADS: Is Fast Food Cool? pdf
  • READING: Our Planet: A Summary of Assets
  • BIG PICTURE: Are We Moving Forwards or Backwards?
  • BIG PICTURE: Is Economic Progress Killing the Planet?
  • PERSONAL CHALLENGE: Buy Nothing Day pdf
  • MANIFESTO: A Bill of Rights for Future Generations

III. Create Your Own Meaning

  • ACTIVITY: The Pen is Mightier than the Sword
  • ACTIVITY: A Message That Sticks
  • ACTIVITY: Create A Poster
  • ACTIVITY:The Art of Banner Making
  • ACTIVITY: The Art of Spoof pdf
  • PRANK: Just the Ticket
  • ECO-JAM: Seed Bombs
  • ACTIVITY: How to Create a Print Ad: Stage I
  • ACTIVITY: How to Create Your Own Print Ad: Stage II
  • DISCUSSION: Who Owns the TV Airwaves?
  • ACTIVITY: Make a Radio Uncommercial pdf
  • ACTIVITY: Free Speech Experiment, Lesson 1: Make a TV Spot
  • ACTIVITY: Free Speech Experiment, Lesson 2: Develop the Concept
  • ACTIVITY: Free Speech Experiment, Lesson 3: Make the Ad
  • ACTIVITY: Free Speech Experiment, Lesson 4: Buy Airtime
  • ACTIVITY: Free Speech Experiment, Lesson 5: Wrap It Up
  • MANIFESTO: Media Carta

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