Hey Mendo! So Cool! Free Skool Kicks Off Tonight 3/20/12 in Ukiah


Mendo Free Skool is a cooperative approach to living and learning. Run entirely by volunteers, Mendo Free Skool gives people an opportunity to share their skills and knowledge with one another. Anyone can be a teacher/learner/facilitator, so classes take on the flavor of whatever people are interested in at a given time. Through this project, we want to challenge dominant institutions and hierarchical relationships.

Some of the classes offered…

Brewing All-Grain Beer
Butchering Chicken Nicely
Creative Writing Workshop
Farm Day Frey Ranch
Field Video and Studio Production
Goat Milk Soap-Making
Intro to Guitar for Young People
Knitting and Radical Discussions
Practical Permaculture
Quilting Basics
Singing Circle
Bicycle Polo
Willow Basketry

Meet and greet each other for the initiation of the first Mendo Free Skool quarter of classes. Bring a potluck dish to share and your own plate/utensils as the teachers and students mingle while merry-making the return of the Spring.

DATE: Tuesday, March 20

Spring House: 304 N. Spring St., Ukiah

5:15pm Teacher Orientation
6:30pm Potluck
7:15pm Meet the Teachers

Potluck dish

Website Calendar of Classes
Facebook Page

Occupy your life…

One Comment

Wonder if anyone is still alive, or at least still in possession of their faculties, who might recall the Community Center in its 1970’s heyday of offering a list of free classes, sort of like this project. Shades of history repeating! Or, coming back in another cycle.

Believe it or not, I actually taught an astrology class in that context, at that time.

NON SEQUITUR: I still find rock music an incredible bore, in no matter what iteration of “rock ‘n roll”. Does that figure?

BTW, I keep assiduously away from astrology now, even though I can still talk its lingo 🙂