Is there such a thing as a ‘sincere conservative’ Christian?…

“…Ha! Surely thou jests!”

Co-founder and CEO, Progressive Strategies

A lot of people have asked me how it is that so many Republicans claim to follow Jesus in spite of apparently not following his actual teachings at all. How is it that they say they are Christians yet seem to believe the exact opposite of what he taught? How can you square the fact that — while the Jesus of the New Testament preached kindness, generosity, mercy, not judging others, welcoming the stranger and helping the poor — people who claim they follow him seem to disdain the poor, vigorously judge everyone who doesn’t agree with them, show no mercy and seem to have a serious mean streak? Excellent questions…

In his first sermon, he says he has come to bring good news to the poor and liberty to the captives, and calls for the rich to forgive the debts of the poor. He repeatedly spoke with disdain about the wealthy, almost as much as he talked about the importance of helping the poor. He challenged the authorities who were about to stone a woman to death. He drove the money changers from the Temple. He was crucified, a punishment Rome reserved solely for their most dangerous political opponents. His mother (according to the Gospel of Luke) and brother (according to the book of James, which was attributed to him, and which in any case historians believe represented his views accurately) spoke in passionately revolutionary political terms. He, his cousin and close ally John the Baptist, and his brother James, who was the leader of Jesus’ movement after Jesus died, all were sentenced to death by the authorities. Does this description sound like someone who cared only about individual spiritual salvation and was not involved in broader societal reform? My view is that the conservatives who try to make the case that the Jesus described in the New Testament was only concerned with personal salvation and individual charity, that he was not interested in challenging the underlying structure of society on behalf of the poor and oppressed, are in the deepest denial…

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