Tiresome Times Ten…


Those of you who do not read the Ukiah Daily Journal didn’t see a response to my recent Letter to the Editors, Pursuing Happiness. My original letter is reposted, and then the response. I didn’t want you to miss it… 😉

To The Editors:

Are you happy? Chances are, if you live here in the United States, you are not. Despite the enshrinement in our Declaration of Independence of the phrase “Pursuit of Happiness” as one of the sovereign rights of mankind, we are way down on the list of the happiest countries in the world. In fact, we are not even in the Top 10.

According to a study by “24-7 Wall Street” that looked into the OECD’s Better Life Index to determine what the happiest nations on the planet are, it turns out that the happy nations spend far more of their GDP on social programs than we do here in America. The study examined quality of life things such as health, education, housing, the environment, jobs, community, work life, and income to figure out what truly makes a nation happy.

Old, stable nations of northern Europe took five of the top 10 spots on the list. These include the “socialist” Finland, Sweden, the Netherlands, Norway, and Denmark, all way happier than we are down the list at number 19.

Does it surprise you that the happiest nation, Denmark, also has the highest taxes of all?

As we are continually warned and berated by the tiresome scolds in our local opinion columns and letters to the editor to fear those who hold firm on providing a basic social safety net for the least among us, we must ask ourselves what motivates such a steadfast and determined assault on our personal and community happiness.

Dave Smith

Love it or leave it
To the Editor:
After reading local left winger Dave Smith’s latest letter to the editor titled “Happy?” I get the feeling that Mr. Smith is just not content living in the United States of America. Such a tragedy. Mr. Smith tells us that Northern European Nations make up 5 of the top 10 “Happiest” nations while America rates only 19th.

I would like to propose a solution to Mr. Smith’s dilemma. He should pack up his little book and seed store and move to Denmark, a country he seems to greatly admire. Then Mr. Smith will undoubtedly have some happiness in his life and I guarantee that those of us who are growing weary of Mr. Smith’s whiney, prosocialist views will be overjoyed. Oh, and if you go there, have fun paying the taxes Davey.

David Anderson


Mr. A, your smug response smacks of intolerance and false security, times are changing whether we like it or not.
The real change has to start with you
Dave doesn’t deserve to be told to leave
To be happy.

We are all hurt a little when that “righty” bigot David Anderson orders you to pack off to Denmark because he doesn’t like your views. It is a little curious that we actually have three, count them, three David Smiths in town: One is the very talented composer whose works are often played at the Deep Valley Chamber Music Society concerts, and the second is the poet and traveling humanitarian: David Smith Ferri. You, Dave Smith, bookseller and operator of a momentary refuge for the book hungry on South State Street as well as the composer of Ukiah Blog, are the third leg of this accomplished and very creative triad.

We have but two David Andersons, to my knowledge. One is David Cory Anderson, a very accomplished (Julliard grad) concert pianist, retired local school teacher, and distinguished Grand Jurist. The other is this very angry bigot who is annoyed by your views. If we could detect a real talent that he possessed, perhaps we could encourage him to focus his attention towards something more creative.

Jim Houle

thanks Jim, well said.
We are all empowered with an option to
be supportive while clearly speaking “our truth”, and you illustrate
that well. Seriously , maybe he could be persuaded to get involved in supporting a community activity. So Mr. A Please leave the Dave Smiths alone especially the deeply involved leader so many of us admire
I see continuous rolling swells of like minded people gathering,
sharing, preparing for a shift to, something better, and Ukiah Blog is “timely and useful”
Celebrating one year of following Ukiah Blog and AVA, has informed and inspired
Sandra Fairbank

Although I remain confused as to why anyone would want to write for, or to, the UDJ, I do appreciate the humor here. If we didn’t have special people like whichever Mr. Andrews is involved, it would be a duller world. And, if we didn’t have paper wasters like the UDJ they wouldn’t have anyplace to play. By one more small measure it would be an even greyer and sadder world than it is. So I give pause for a very brief moment of thanks.


Oh well, here go we go, this is a free for all tumble in the word bin. This David Anderson has been a chronic purveyor of classic “know nothing-ism”, and I’ve had the experience of being targeted by him too. UDJ does afford venting space for anyone who cares to spend time (mental energy?) in those very transient, compostible pages. Moser and the Rorabaugh descendent are two other similarly spastic personae. Al Krauss and Tom Hine are two more. They have to go off periodically, like geysers, spurting their surplus heat uselessly into the atmosphere. Another metaphor is “pissing in the wind”.

Ah, yes, Mea culpa.

Rather than moving to Denmark, it’s far more patriotic of Dave to stay here and help his own country become the great and happy nation it claims to be.