Creative Action Heroes: Rattlesnake Island. Democracy School. Mendo Free Skool.


Ukiah Stands With Rattlesnake Island 

A benefit dinner to support Protection and Preservation of Rattlesnake Island’s Cultural and Historical Resources…

Tomorrow, Friday, March 9, 5-7:30 pm
Saturday Afternoon Clubhouse
107 South Oak, Ukiah

Sliding scale entrance fee: $10-$25. Pay at least $20 and you receive a dinner featuring Indian tacos. All funds will go to help support Friends of Rattlesnake Island.

This special evening of performances and presentations features: Jim Browneagle, Elem Pomo Spiritual Leader and historian; John Parker, leading archeological authority on Rattlesnake Island and local prehistory; Morning Star Gali, international sacred sites defender; an Elem Pomo youth dance troupe performance; and a raffle featuring beautiful traditional Elem items.

As you read these words, one of the Northern California East Bay Area’s wealthiest men is getting away with an act of cultural genocide in neighboring Lake County. Construction crews employed by wireless technology magnate John Nady of Emeryville recently began trenching grading, excavating, and building atop Rattlesnake Island in Clear Lake. For more than 6,000 years, this lush 56-acre island on the lake’s eastern arm has been the cultural and spiritual center of the Elem Pomo.

Lake County’s message to the Elem: the one percent are exempt from our normal regulations. The construction proceeds on this sacred site because Nady received a special extension of Lake County’s normal grading season. In September, the Lake County Supervisors voted (3-2) against requiring that Nady file an Environmental Impact Review, when it was clearly required on account of intentionally shoddy archeological research.

As part of a larger effort to return the island to its actual legal owner, the Elem, Friends of Rattlesnake Island — led by traditional Elem cultural leaders — is suing to stop Nady’s construction. And they need our support.

For more information, contact or visit or

Anderson Valley

Democracy School

The dates are the evening of May 21st and all day May 22.  Site TBD.  Cost will be around $200.

Democracy School is a transformative workshop focused on revisiting the constitutional rights we have as individuals to create the communities we wish to live in. Join us to learn about the history and structure of corporate power, how the current regulatory system prohibits us from saying ‘No’ to unwanted corporate activity and how we can change that by asserting community rights.

The school teaches citizens how to reframe exhausting and often discouraging single-issue work (such as opposing toxic dumps, factory farms, water withdrawal, GMOs, local food sovereignty, etc.) in a way that we can confront corporate control on a powerful single front: people’s constitutional rights. Lectures cover the history of people’s movements and corporate power, and the recent organizing by over 120 communities across the US confronting unwanted corporate assaults. Included with enrollment in the Democracy School is a 300 plus-page notebook of background reading material.

Democracy School provides an opportunity to work toward community sovereignty, by creating strategic resolutions and ordinances that recognize the rights of nature and the rights of communities. We will also have ongoing legal support from the organizations below as we move forward in Mendocino County.

This seminar will be taught by Ben Price from the Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund and Shannon Biggs from Global Exchange (and author of the book The Rights of Nature).

The upcoming school in Mendocino County will be held on the evening of Monday, May 21st and all day, Tuesday May 22nd. Location TBA. Cost of enrollment is sliding scale $195-225.

If you would like to participate, please respond to: and we will send you an application. Feel free to forward this invitation to those who may be interested.

For more information about Democracy School, please visit:

For more details about the Mendocino County Democracy School, feel free to contact James Lee at or Sarah & Justin at

This event is brought to you by the Regenerative Design Center, Mendocino Coast Transition Towns and AV for Change.

Moyers/Campbell: Everyday Heroes

Redwood Valley

Mendo Free Skool Springs forth: Equinox Potluck Meet-up Tuesday, March 20, 2012 6:30pm

Come gather as we meet and greet each other for the initiation of the first Mendo Free Skool quarter of classes; bring a potluck dish to share as the teachers and students mingle while merry-making the return of the Spring.

If you are teaching a class please come at 5pm for teacher orientation.
Potluck and Equinoxial proceedings begin at 6:30.

Spring House
304 N. Spring St., Ukiah, CA 95482

Mendo Free Skool offers an alternative to traditional education. With classes like Bicycle Repair, Practical Permaculture, Demystifying Anarchism, and D.I.Y. Movie Making, it’s a refreshing variety of completely free classes for people of all ages. Run entirely by volunteers, Mendo Free Skool gives the community an opportunity to share their skills and knowledge. Anyone can teach for the Free Skool, so the quarters take on the flavor of whatever people are interested in at the time. “Classes” take place in homes, cafes, and community centers. A quarterly calendar is available online and in print accompanied by the location and description of each course.

Spring Quarter runs March 20th – June 20th

Questions and comments email:

To submit a class go to: