Are you happy? Is this really as good as it gets?…


Are you happy? Chances are… you probably aren’t. That’s because according to a new study by “24-7 Wall Street” that looked into the OECD’s Better Life Index to determine what the happiest nations on the planet are… the US didn’t even crack the top 10. The happy nations spend far more of their GDP on social programs than we do here in America. What’s the point of being exceptional – as Ronald Reagan would describe America – if that exceptionality doesn’t make us happy? Until we fix our elections – and kick the corporate millionaires and billionaires out – and claim once and for all that our democracy belongs to We The People – that it’s part of the commons – then we’ll always be stuck in the muck wondering if this… is as good as it gets…

Thom Hartmann gave a most inspiring speech at Fighting Bob Fest, regarding the meaning of freedom and how the right wing has been attempting to redefine what it means for America. Thom indicates that according to Ron Paul, freedom is the right to die sick laying in the “gutter” without health care. This is not the definition of freedom our Founding Fathers intended for America….


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