A week in the life of the Occupy movement…

From The Occupied Wall Street Journal

This week in Occupy, Wisconsin marked a year of activism by marching on the state capitol, efforts are introduced to rein in NYPD abuses toward Occupy protesters, Sarah Palin got mic-checked and attention turned to #F29, the next big action.

#Protesters gathered on Capitol Square for a “Wisconsin Day” anniversary rally marking a year since Republican Governor Scott Walker’s introduction of a bill to eliminate collective bargaining for most public employees.

#On Monday, about 200 demonstrators from Occupy Oakland gathered for a day of action to protest the arrest of 400 people, including journalists, at the #J28 action, during which police employed tear gas and flash grenades. Predictably, police officers confiscated a loudspeaker from Occupy protesters, prompting a march.

#To avenge #J28, the hacktivist collective Anonymous posted the private information of Oakland city officials online, including phone numbers, addresses, email addresses, salary information (top city officials apparently pull down a quarter of a million a year) and property value information. Among those targeted were mayor Jean Quan, police chief Howard Jordan, Oakland city administrator Deanna Santana, city attorney Barbara Jean Parker and a number of city council members. “We are shocked and disgusted by your behavior,” Anonymous wrote. “Before you commit atrocities against innocent people again, think twice.”

Anthony Bologna, A.K.A. Tony Baloney, the pepper-spraying cop. Incidents like these have cost the NYPD $15 million. Photo: Business Insider

#Three Democratic New York state senators introduced a bill to install an independent inspector to oversee the NYPD after widespread surveillance of Muslims and crackdowns on Occupy Wall Street protesters.

#The NYPD has been forced to pay $15 million to settle a class action lawsuit over 22,000 fraudulent arrests from 1983 until the most recent Occupy-related arrests in 2012.

#A mournful march commenced  in the Bronx after the NYPD brutally beat one unarmed man and shot and killed another.

#Occupy protesters and a large contingent representing the teachers union mic-checked a meeting at Brooklyn Technical High School that drew the mayor and the schools chancellor to discuss New York City’s plan to close 23 schools.

#Around 60 Occupy Denver protesters braved the cold to stage a “No Confidence” rally outside the hotel where the Colorado Democratic Party was holding its annual Jefferson Jackson dinner.

#About 100 occupiers protested outside the San Diego Convention Center, where the annual California Democratic Convention was being held. “Don’t just watch us, come and join us,” they chanted; “Get up, get down, there’s revolution in this town!” At issue was some Democrats’ support of the indefinite detention of terror suspects and spending millions on political campaigns.

#Sarah Palin was mic-checked at the annual Conservative Political Action Conference in Washington D.C., dubbed the summit of the 1%. Protesters paid $60 to attend along with members of the AFL-CIO. Outside, conservative muckraker Andrew Breitbart repeatedly screamed at protesters to behave themselves, called them freaks and animals and inexplicably told them to “stop raping people.”

#Central Athens erupted in riots after severe austerity measures were passed that would slash one in five civil service jobs and reduce the minimum wage by 22 percent. The new cutbacks, which follow two years of harsh income losses and tax hikes amid a deep recession and record high unemployment, have been demanded by Greece’s German bailout creditors in return for a new batch of rescue loans.

Demonstrators in Crete take over a television station on February 13 immediately following a vote approving crippling austerity measures.

#The post-austerity protests reached Crete, where demonstrators took over Crete TV, the local television station.

#Meanwhile, Greek austerity has already brought crime to once-docile areas of Athens and reduced a once-flush ship repair industry to a veritable skid row.

#Several occupations have hit the road: the Occupy Wall Street Bus, which is inching down the eastern seaboard from Providence, R.I., has reached Albany. Occupy the Roads is on its way to Florida; it originated in Washington state in November and hit southern California before heading east.

#Occupy Our Homes highlights tales of occupiers rallying around homeowners facing foreclosure and eviction, including former Marine Arturo de los Santos, his wife, Magdalena, their two boys and two girls, who have remained in their single-story residence in Riverside since Christmas.

#Occupy St. Louis has called a Midwest Regional conference. Occupy the Midwest will convene a General Assembly under the Gateway Arch on March 15 at 7:00 p.m.

#“Occupy Hoboken,” an Occupy-themed art show has opened at—ironically—a Sovereign Bank in Hoboken, New Jersey.

#McGill University in Montreal was #occupied for five days when nine students gathered outside Deputy Provost Morton Mendelson’s office to protest his invalidation of two student referenda passed overwhelmingly by students last fall. Many faculty members expressed solidarity with the students.

#As Occupy Louisville enters its fifth month at Founders Square, occupiers are riding out the chill with 18 plywood-floor tents, snaking power cords and a few picnic tables.

#It’s official: the city of Berkeley, California, is pulling $300 million out of Wells Fargo.

#Seven activists met with six Wells Fargo executives Monday in downtown LA to present eight foreclosure-focused challenges to the bank. According to Occupy LA, the bank executives said they would “digest” the challenges presented and get back to them.

#Police in Bahia, northeastern Brazil, successfully negotiated a 6.5 percent pay raise after a 12-day strike in which officers walked off the job just before Carnival. A similar action in Rio de Janiero continues.

#In America, occupations nationwide are gearing up for #F29′s Shut Down the Corporations Action, while in India, more than 100 million Indian workers plan to strike on February 28 for better pay, pensions and employment rights. The #F28 action would be the largest strike in history.

Wisconsinites celebrated a year of activism. Photo: Nayantara Mukherji

#Malcolm Harris, 23, who was arrested along with 700 protesters on the Brooklyn bridge last October, is seeking to quash a subpoena demanding the release of all of his tweets over a three-month period.

#In Illinois, surreptitiously recording audio can result in felony charges thanks to a strict, little-known Illinois eavesdropping law that will likely draw more attention come May, when thousands of protesters and journalists are set to descend on Chicago for the NATO and G8 summits.

#A Miami journalist covering the eviction of Occupy Miami has recovered video of police officers arresting him after it was deleted from his camera.

#An Iraqi War veteran recounts his journey from the streets of Fallujah to Occupy Wall Street. “The last time I knew without a doubt that I was where I should be was on November 17, standing in the center of Zuccotti Park,” he writes.

#Congress passed an insider trading bill that was watered down by the same corrupt lawmakers the bill aims to regulate. Congress’s approval rating is currently 12 percent.

Hoboken’s art scene: #Occupied. Painting by Carla Cubit.

#The Office of Congressional Ethics is investigating Max Bachus, the chairman of the House Financial Services Committee, over possible violations of insider-trading laws. Bachus bought and sold stock options while overseeing the nation’s banking and financial services industries.

#Some #Occupied newspapers have received cease-and-desist orders from the mainstream newspapers from which they derived their name, including The Occupied Oakland Tribune and The Occupied Chicago Tribune.

#The mainstream media weighs in on Occupy: Phase Two.

#The staunchest critics of a social safety net that offers entitlements like food stamps, welfare and unemployment benefits are often the very people who depend on them the most.

#A New York Magazine article revealed that the culture of exorbitant Wall Street bonuses is indeed evaporating and that the occupation of Liberty Plaza has rattled a lot of nerves in the financial sector.

#Syrian forces continue to shell Homs as the Arab League called for a peacekeeping mission amid increasing civilian deaths.

#The @OccupyArrests tally is up to 6,477.