Certified Organic, Open-Pollinated, Heirloom Seeds now available at Half Price or less from Mulligan Books & Seeds…

Underground Seed Co.

Certified Organic Seeds-By-Hand


Here is a comparison of Imported-from-Vermont High Mowing Organic Seeds-By-Packet prices and local California-Grown Underground Organic Seeds-By-Hand prices…

Underground Seed Co. is a project of Mulligan Books & Seeds

We need a zillion new family farms and gardens in this country, and we need to fill the Ukiah Valley with them to come through the challenging times ahead. It all starts with seeds…

Sadly, one of the dirty little secrets of the organic seed trade, and the seed trade in general, is that many of the “organic seeds” now being offered to gardeners are grown by giant transnational corporations in China and India.

Mulligan Books & Seeds in Ukiah is partnering with Sustainable Seed Company in Covelo, Laughing Frog Farm in Laytonville, and other seed growers to localize seed breeding, growing, saving, and trading in Mendocino County with seeds adapted to our particular soils and climate… saving you money and providing a more secure local food system.

We are recruiting local organic and biodynamic farmers to begin growing a portion of their plants for seed so we can gradually localize the seed trade closer to home. Seeds adapted to our local soils and climate produce more abundantly and cost far less than those being shipped around the world and across the country by who knows who, who knows where.

As one of the very few counties in the U.S. that has banned GMO plants, our seeds will be cleaner, safer, and cheaper as we localize their production.

Meanwhile, we will be offering seeds in bulk for home gardeners under our own brand, Underground Seeds… weighed and sold over the counter by hand, by the ounce and 1/10th ounce. Get exactly the amount you want — no more, no less.



Great idea!

Where do we buy the seeds? Will it be online? Thank you for the info.