Books: Top 5 characters I’d like to punch in the face…

From greengeekgirl
Insatiable Booksluts

1. Albert Johnson from The Color Purple

If you’ve never seen or read The Color Purple–well, for one thing, it’s just an excellent book and film, you really should experience it. But for those who might need an explanation of why I would deck Mr. Johnson, the story centers around a young girl, Celie, and her supposedly more attractive sister, Nettie. Mr. Johnson, being from that era when creepy old dudes look for wives who have barely hit puberty, wants to take Nettie for a wife, but “settles” for Celie. He treats Celie like total shit, sends Nettie away and hides her letters so Celie thinks she’s dead or something, and constantly cheats on Celie (but it’s not cheating if a man does it, amirite Albert?) openly with a singer named Shug Avery. Not only that, but he beats Celie and emotionally abuses her while she takes care of his children and his house. He won’t even let her learn to read; she has to do it on the sly. He’s a world-class dick. As a woman from a bygone (good riddance) era, Celie has no recourse for a long time but to shut up and take it.

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