Seed Pledge from Mendocino County’s Own: Sustainable Seed Company and Underground Seed Company…

GMOs: World’s Greatest Scam

Fear Not Fine Folks! Our Seeds Are Safe!

shovel Sustainably Grown Means…

  • We do not knowingly grow OR buy seed that is surrounded by GM crops.
  • We do not buy seed from foreign seed companies. We support local seed houses, farmers and their families. When you buy seed from us you are supporting American farm families and companies.
  • We don’t chemically treat our seeds and since we don’t buy from out of country the USDA does not treat our seed like many seed companies. Don’t assume that if a company uses the word “heirloom” that it is grown here in the US. In fact we get hundreds of emails from companies in China and India trying to sell us cheap “heirloom” seed. Where does you seed company get it’s seed from?
  • We farm in a sustainable, water conscious and environmentally responsible manner.

One of the major purposes of this heirloom organic seed company is genetic preservation of heritage open pollinated seeds. We believe it is every person’s right to control and grow their own food. We pledge that we do not knowingly buy or sell genetically engineered seeds or plants. Unlike other seed companies (click & discover who…it might surprise you), we will not buy ANY seed from Seminis, a Monsanto owned subsidiary (Click here to learn more about Monsanto).

Heirloom seeds belong in the hands of people, not nameless, faceless corporations that we feel don’t have our best interests at heart. Corporations that lobby our government so that GM food goes unlabeled in stores for example. We may not know what is in a box of cereal, but you can trust we will not be buying their seed. With this you have the ability to grow your own clean food for your family.

Do we test our corn seed for GMO?gmo

In light of the recent approval of the USDA; to allow genetically engineered beets to enter the market place we have begun a GE testing program. These tests are very expensive, but we will begin randomly testing beets, chard, corn and alfalfa for the presence of transgenic contamination. We have zero tolerance, meaning if GE material is found even in trace amounts, we will reject the seed entirely.

We will not tolerate transgenic contamination in our seed supply and will go to whatever means necessary to make sure our seed is pure the way nature intended.

Where do our heirloom seeds come from?


Since this company was founded fall 2008, we have purchased the bulk of our seeds from a cooperative of trusted family seed growers. These seed farmers are in alignment with our goals and beliefs in seed quality. We also grow ourselves on organic plots throughout Northern California, and have recently moved our own farm operations from Sonoma County to Covelo, located in the remote Round Valley of Mendocino County in Northern California. For example; we have a partnership with an organic winery. Russian River Vineyards was one of the very first in Sonoma County California to be certified organic! Here one of Sonoma county’s largest colonies of bats rid the fields of unwanted pest the good old fashioned organic way.

Why is it important to buy locally grown seed?

We are diligent in not buying seed from growers who are surrounded by known GMO crops. Several well know heirloom seed companies are located in Oregon. This area of Oregon has had a burgeoning seed business for many years. The challenge is GM crops moved in years ago. There is an estimated 5,000,000 acres of GM crops now planted in this fertile area of Oregon.

Many of the new crops being planted like the GM sugar beets have pollen grains that can float on the breeze for miles. Recently in this area of Oregon for example, bagged bark mulch was found to have GM beet seeds. Imagine laying down bark mulch in your garden only to discover you were growing GM crops! Would a corporate giant come after you for “stealing” there seed? Or more horrifying what if this seed contaminated any seed you were trying to save? You see this is just one of the issues facing heirloom seed growers these days.

Where does your heirloom seed company get its seed? Seed companies say they travel the world to collect exotic seeds.

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Many heirloom seed companies out there tout having hundreds of varieties, but did you ever stop and think where they are coming from? It may sound great at first that you are getting a rare seed variety from China, but did you know that there is an estimated 9.3 million acres of GM crops in China?

It is well know that the prices are much cheaper for seed abroad, but then again so might be the quality of the seed. In many of these countries there is little regulation to ensure seed quality. In fact to import many of these seeds into the U.S. our government requires them to be chemically treated (fumigated) to kill any harmful pest or pathogens. Are you buying treated seeds?

Then there is the whole issue of sending our money abroad. That is the whole reason we have such a foreign trade deficit now. Do you really want to support farmers in another country when our family farmers are literally “losing the farm”? It is important to support local farmers to grow our food and seed crops. We don’t need to transport our food or seed crops for thousands of miles using petroleum when it is grown right here.

More important than all the above listed issues is just the plain fact that farmers have know for hundreds of years…plants grown and acclimated to your area just plain perform better. Any good gardener knows this. I used to spend hours as a kid seeking out heirloom varieties from old gardeners not because I knew what an heirloom seed was, but because it produced better. These plants have acclimated to the area and the strongest survived to pass on their genes. These seeds were coveted and passed down even through family lines.

So you see there are many things to consider the next time you buy seeds. I can’t claim that we don’t have some level of GM contamination. Although we strive hard to prevent that, we were recently told by a climatologist that the #1 form of pollution they now find in air-born samples is GMO pollen. How do I as a seed grower prevent what is raining down from the sky? There is no easy answer. However I can tell you this.

  • We do not knowingly grow/buy seed that is surrounded by GM crops.
  • We do not buy seed from abroad. We support local farmers and their families. Our local California economy. When you buy seed from us you are supporting these California Families.
  • We grow local seed that California gardens will succeed with.
  • We don’t chemically treat our seeds.
  • We grow seed without the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides.
  • We farm in a sustainable, water conscious and environmentally responsible manner.

Open Pollinated Heirloom Seeds

Currently we are choosing not to carry any mass grown F-1 hybrid seed. In fact you will not find them at all in our seed catalog, we only carry open pollinated heirlooms that you can save seed from. Learn to save seed so you can ensure a safe food supply for yourself and family.