Monsanto says hello to home gardeners…


Who needs “Better living with chemistry” when you have “Better breeding with Monsanto?”

If you thought that planting your own garden and growing and harvesting your own crops would keep you safe from the long arm of Monsanto, think again!

The agribusiness giant already has quietly stepped into the marketplace with commercial and consumer vegetable seeds, says the LA Times in Monsanto sprouting a produce-seed line.

Monsanto moved into the vegetable seed business in 2005 when it acquired Seminis Inc., Oxnard CA. Since then, it has bought four other vegetable seed companies and staffed 57 research centers around the world with seed geneticists and agricultural researchers.

Revenue from Monsanto’s vegetable seed business totaled $895 million for the company’s fiscal year that ended Aug. 31. That’s about 8% of its annual revenue, a figure the company hopes to grow steadily in coming years.

That long arm reaches even further; the company also breeds and sells organic seed.

Sue McGann, coordinator at Marra Farm in Seattle, turned down a donation of organic vegetable seed when she learned it came from one of Monsanto’s subsidiaries. Martha Baskin, Green Acre Radio, visits the farm and explores the issue with Sue; listen here: Martha Baskin and Sue McGann discuss Monsanto’s reach.

What is your alternative? Save your own seed, share seed with your neighbors, or explore local and regional heirloom seed banks. Know the source of your seed stock!


Here in Mendocino County, we need to be vigilant and make sure that the provisions of Measure H are enforced. I believe that it is not illegal to sell GMO seeds here, but it is illegal to plant them. Local sellers of seed need to be educated so that they don’t order the stuff, and the new ag commissioner, whoever that will be, needs to be encouraged to be vigorous in his/her education and enforcement efforts.

    Unfortunately, Ron, there is no enforcement happening, and my understanding is that the new incoming Ag Commissioner is pro GMO… -DS

    According to Dan Hamburg The new Ag Com Morris has an appointment for 90 days. Then they’ll either make it permanent or hire another (not likely). Some or a lot of us need to go before the BOS to share our concerns re the GMO enforcement issue. It can’t hurt and might do some good.
    Els Cooperrider

OMG! WE get seed donations for our school gardens from various sources. Is there a way to make sure the companies who are donating are not owned by Monsanto? Is there a list of those companies somewhere?