Jim Houle: Something’s Rotten in the White House

Redwood Valley

Oh how easily we are all deceived:

Iraqi Smoking Guns and Mushroom Clouds; The Libyan rebels are all Freedom Fighters;

The Lands of Judea and Samaria (commonly called Palestine) belong to the Jewish people forever;

Iran is well advanced in building a nuclear bomb to wipe out Israel;

Good King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia sends a thousand tanks across the causeway to help little Bahraini King Hamid al Khalifa suppress democracy on a small island where the 70% Shi’ites are ruled by Sunnis royals who control most of the wealth; (Hillary Clinton wrings her hand noiselessly but makes no protest).

Pfc. Bradley Manning goes on trial for releasing confidential (not Top Secret) State Department cables that the government initially dismissed as well-known and not news.

Something is Rotten in Libya: Forty-eight hours after Hillary Clinton lands in Tripoli and calls for “Gadhafi to be captured or killed as soon as possible”, he is captured, and brutally assassinated by the TNC. (Ruppee News 11-13-11). TNC is the Transitional National Council we stacked with ex-CIA operatives, a few al-Qaeda types, MI 5s from Whitehall, and assorted bag men. NATO was authorized by the UN (Resolution 1973, 3-17-11) to impose a “No Fly Zone” so as to protect civilians being threatened by Gadhafi in Benghazi and to immobilize Gadhafi’s air defenses. The US and its allies subsequently hit 5900 targets in 9700 sorties and left much of the country in ruins.(NYTimes survey 12-18-11). NATO and the UN admit scores of unarmed casualties but won’t come up with a death toll. This demolition derby took a mere 240 days. By comparison, Qadhafi had worked for 40 years to increase oil revenues to far better than other countries enjoyed and to share this wealth with the people. Individual income rose from $34 per year to $34,000 and the people have the best medical care and lowest infant mortality rates in all of Africa. The UN Human Rights Council commended Libya in its 2010 report for its remarkable progress. When confronted with grisly videos of Myomar Gadhafi’s death, our own Hillary Rodham Clinton giggled “We came, we saw, he died.”(Christian Amanpour, ABC and Franklin Lamb of RT). The TNC ‘democratic rebels’ as we like to call them, after having assured Gadhafi’s convoy of safe passage, then called in NATO bombers and then captured, tortured and brutally murdered him. The UN Human Rights Commission, the Russian Foreign Minister, Human Rights Watch and many others called for an investigation of this gross violation of the Geneva Convention concerning the rights of POWs. Hillary showing not a trace of shame, even supported the investigation.

Smelly Suppression In Egypt: Hilary has just delivered our yearly $2.0 billion bribe to the Egyptian military junta to make sure they thoroughly suppress the democracy movement in Tahrir Square, do not allow a vote on a new Constitution for at least six months. This weekend, the Junta denied using force against protesters despite the many frightening videos including one showing a woman with her hajib pulled off and police clubbing her half-clothed body. There is no image in Arab society that could be more damning than this one. Better the police merely plead that their limited budget does not provide high speed internet service. Instead their media adviser, a retired general named Abdel Kato, accused the protesters of being “delinquents who deserve to be thrown in Hitler’s ovens”. I begin to believe that it was Mubarak that actually kept the lid on these fascist lunatics.

Putrefaction in Yemen, Pakistan and Iraq: Obama made a drone Predator attack in Yemen with Hellfire missiles on New Mexico-born US citizen Anwar al-Awlaki and his 16 year old son (born in Denver). The grandfather of the family, a Fullbright scholar, protested this violation of the 5th and 6th Amendments to our US Constitution. Earlier President Obama announced to a nation-wide audience on TV (5-1-10) that US Navy Seals had killed an unarmed Osamah Bin Ladin in a “firefight”in Pakistan. (Note that the FBI has never brought charges against bin Ladin for 9/11 because of a lack of evidence). The tradition of violating human rights was well demonstrated by former President Bush back in 2006 when he arranged a kangaroo court in Baghdad to hang Rumsfeld’s good buddy Saddam Hussein, without the benefit of a real defense in court nor the ability to bring forth evidence, witnesses, or any of our other revered Constitutional safeguards.

Something is Very Rotten in Washington: President Obama has reneged on his promise just last week to veto the Military Appropriations Bill. A rider attached to this big money bill allows American citizens to be arrested on suspicion of involvement in terrorism (undefined) in the United States or abroad, denied civil trials, and held in military brigs indefinitely without charges. There goes the 5th and 6th Amendments to the Bill of Rights once again! The so-called Homeland Battlefield provisions in the newly passed $662-billion defense authorization bill generated a surprisingly wide range of legal interpretations. There was a brief moment when civil libertarians were stunned to see President Barack Obama actually take a stand in favor of civil liberties after several years of rolling back the basic rights of citizens. Obama said that he would veto the defense bill if it contained a provision for the indefinite detention of American citizens by the Army: “The military does not patrol our streets” he lectured. While many predicted it, Obama has once again betrayed the civil liberties community and lifted the threat of the veto. Americans will now be subject to indefinite military detention and denied trial in federal courts. (Constitutional law expert Jonathan Turley RSN (12-15-11).

The White House is now saying that changes to the law made it unnecessary to veto the legislation. With that ridiculos explanation, the administration went into full spin control, using language designed to obscure the authority just handed to the military. “I am not sure which is worse: the loss of core civil liberties or the almost mocking post hoc rationalization for abandoning principle” says Jonathon Turley. The Pentagon brass, the CIA, the State Department and 4 retired generals all opposed this as “strip-mining of your freedom to resist tyranny”. (R.Nader, 1-14-11). Once the Senate approved it 93 to 7 and the House to 286 to 136, Obama, our latest ‘profile in courage’ caved, explaining that he had found a loophole that allowed him not to enforce this unconstitutional incarceration except when he really had it in for someone. (Oh the wonders of a Harvard education!)

Something is Really Rotten in Damascus: We watch the turmoil in Syria, unable to sort the white hats from the black. France suggests another NATO no-fly zone, pleased as they were with the wide-spread demolition this tactic produced in Libya. A media build-up is underway to explain to us how that Evil Bashir Assad, previously a inocuous opthamologist in London, is employing snipers to kill civilians on the streets. “What’s taking place is an attempt by the Arab League to accommodate the US and NATO against one of the few states in the Arab world that still says “no” to US influence.” (Professor Franklin Lamb: RT 12-2-11) The Arab League is dominated by rich US client states such as Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, the Emirates, Qatar, Oman and even poor Egypt. The UN High Commission for Human Rights, another willing US handmaiden these days, has put the death toll in Syria at 5,000 and recommended International Criminal Court action (the US is not a member). The Ambassador of the Universal Peace Foundation has called for a dialogue but “it seems that the West has taken the position that there can be no dialogue with the Evil Eye Doctor. The West is seeking a new regime in Syria as a tool to implement its own strategic interests in the region”. (RT.Com. 12-12-11) Arabic-speaking US soldiers, assured they were returning home from Iraq, have been transferred in dead of night to the Jordanian/Syrian border. (Sibel Edmond’s Boiling Frog Post: 12-13-11). Turkish troops are also alleged to be gearing up for an assault across the Syrian border. Former CIA officer Philip Giraldi reports that materiel from Gadhafi’s abandoned arsenals and unmarked NATO aircraft are being ferried into Iskenderun, Turkey. The American Conservative reports that the CIA even refused to ‘sign off’ on the UN report of 3500 to 5000 killed in Syria because it is uncorroborated. They also discount mass defections from the Army, widely reported in the US, as a fabrication with few defections confirmed independently. We have found in the past that in circumstances like this, with almost no journalists allowed on the ground, rumors are easily constructed and quickly spread because visits to hospitals and morgues are blocked and access to soldiers and civilian observers refused. “Syrian government claims that it is being assaulted by rebels armed, trained and financed by foreign governmentsare more true than false” says Giraldi.

Something is Rotten in Denmark: So why do I quote Shakespear’s Hamlet about the rottenness in Denmark? Upon Hamlet’s return from university in England, he found his father poisoned, his mother quickly married off to the poisoner, Hamlet’s uncle, and two of his best college friends bribed to arrange for Hamlet’s death once he returns to university. His abuse of his love Ophelia has driven her to suicide. He has confronted evil and rottenness within his royal family and within himself. He finds no way to right all these wrongs, nor to escape the horror and the weakness that he sees most clearly within himself. He goes mad. Perhaps this will be our exit strategy as well. President Vaclav Havel of the Czech Republic, who died this week in Prague said: “Sometimes I wonder if suicides aren’t in fact sad guardians of the meaning of life.”

”The time is out of joint; O cursed spite, That ever I was born to set it right!”

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“…Obama, our latest ‘profile in courage’ caved, …”
I don’t think he “caved”. This bill is exactly what he wanted.
Obama is no civil libertarian.
I don’t know what he is, except a very smooth, accomplished, and conscience-free liar.