Action Center! Stop Walmart Expansion Today Saturday 11am 12/17/11

Redwood Valley

Join the “Occupy Walmart” demonstration, Saturday December 17th, 11 am at the grassy knoll area bordering the Walmart parking lot. We will not disturb Walmart customers. We will not block entrances or exits.

• Walmart plans to build a sixth super market in Ukiah in 2012.
• A Walmart expansion will likely drive at least two unionized supermarkets out of business and may force small local stores to close.

If you are opposed to Walmart’s expansion:

• Come to the Ukiah Planning Commission meeting on Wednesday, December 14th, 6:00 pm at City Council Chambers, 300 Seminary Ave., Ukiah.


• Email comments to the Planning Commission:
• Call Ukiah City Planning Department: (707) 463-6207.

More About Walmart:
• Walmart is non-union and pays the lowest wages allowed by law.
• Many Walmart workers must apply for food stamps and public assistance to supplement their low wages.
• Two Important Questions to Ask Yourself: Why won’t America’s wealthiest retailer pay a living wage? Must we as taxpayers pay for Walmart workers’ health care and family assistance?