OWS Today 12/6/11: National Day of Action to Occupy Our Homes


Banks took such high risks that they placed our entire economy in serious jeopardy. In return, they received trillions of dollars from the Fed and billions of dollars from hard working tax payers to get back on their feet. Homeowners take risks when buying homes; however, when they lose their jobs or are unable to afford their medical attention they don’t get bailouts, they lose everything.

With our current environment of corporate irresponsibility and greed, political impotence and corruption, all it takes is for you to lose your job or get dropped from your health insurance to lose it all. Just because it hasn’t happened to you, your loved ones or your neighbors yet, doesn’t mean the threat isn’t real.

This Tuesday, thousands will be standing up for their neighbors in a struggle against a system that places financial gain above the human need of shelter. Banks would rather let houses deteriorate than renegotiate loans with those who make them homes and build our communities.

Occupy Minnesota had taken this issue head-on shortly after their formation when a fellow Occupier called out for help in keeping her home.

This Tuesday, Occupy Minnesota will organize in neighborhoods to defend families facing foreclosures in the communities most affected by the financial crisis. They’ll expand their occupation to a second foreclosed home in South Minneapolis.


Occupy Our Homes is launching off with the National Day of Action to Occupy Our Homes

Occupy Wall St. will join in solidarity with a Brooklyn community to liberate a foreclosed home.

Occupy Minnesota
Minnesota Occupy Homes National Day of Action Occupiers will band together to prevent the loss of their neighbor’s home. Bobby Hull is a Vietnam veteran and plaster worker of 38 years.
Occupy A Foreclosed Home II Occupy Minneapolis will expand their occupation to a second foreclosed home in South Minneapolis. Location to be announced.
Occupy Our Homes – St. Louis banks further destabilize our cities and economy as they foreclose on our neighbors. Occupy St. Louis will stand with their neighbor, Annie Quain in her struggle to keep her home.

Occupy Oakland and Causa Justa :: Just Cause are working together to demand that the banks give their neighbors’ homes back! In Oakland more than 50% of the people who are facing foreclosure are long term residents. Demonstrators will meet at the West Oakland BART station for a Stop Foreclosures! Occupy Our Homes! rally and march to take back homes!

Occupy Erie will march to stand in solidarity with OWS and the rest of the United States against foreclosures on homes in their National Day of Action; Occupy Our Foreclosed Homes.

Occupy Milwaukee will host a Fraudclosure: Teach-In for the National Day of Action to Stop Foreclosures on the Foreclosure Crisis and it’s local impact on the people of Milwaukee.

Occupy Los Angeles will stand up with their neighbors Aturo, veteran and long-time aerospace worker with a family of four children, and Ana, a court interpreter and disability advocate with cerebral palsy, in an Anti-Foreclosure Direct Action.

Occupy Atlanta is rallying against the foreclosure auctions taking place in front of the Gwinnett and Fulton County courthouses through their Stop the Foreclosure Auction actions.

Stay tuned as we add more actions being held throughout the nation. Stand up with your neighbors and let the bankers know your communities are more important than turning record profits.

Also, check this searchable database to see if there is an action near you!