OWS: Rev Billy on Perserverance


As I type we’re hearing of the arrests at the Stock Exchange. I turn on the Global Revolution livestream & get Los Angeles shouting. Hawaii OWS is just awaking with Good Mornings Aloha! rolling down the right side of the screen.

It’s 1 PM in Brooklyn. My interview from Leah Borreomoro of the Space Hijackers in London – is put off. Savi is sending out an invitation to our Coney Island reading Saturday nite at the Freakshow. We’ll be going down to Foley Square tonight with the baby swinging in the papoose. That event – with the Stop Shopping Choir – is backed by unions and permits – but I’ll wear my Mormon magic underwear to anticipate any return to my beloved Tombs.

Arrest count in NY at 1 PM – 200. I do feel a responsibility to GO TO JAIL NOW. But on the other hand – that is one of my everyday emotions, and I have three court cases pending… just another aspect of the arrival of actual revolution, when for so long our sermons and songs sent us off to jail alone.

I have an older activist’s role in the Occupies. I travel among the tent-cities, sharing my experience when it’s asked for. Much of the talk is like this little film: how to persevere against violence (and violence-loving media) with a non-violence that is fluid and even funny and able to out-flank the phalanxes of Darth Vaders.

Mostly, we are so grateful that all of this is happening. We know that we must not let up. Revolujah!