SHAME!… On the Mendocino County Board of Supervisors and CEO Carmel Angelo for Creating Economic Instability in Mendocino


The employees are offering to make great sacrifices while the Board of Supervisors and CEO only care about playing politics!

SHAME ON THEM! The County’s brilliant budget stabilization plan is to remove $7million dollars from our economy so they can save $1.5 million for the County and put the rest in the trash! *The County wants to IMPOSE a 12.5% permanent wage-reduction on ALL 750 employees even though 63% of those employees are paid for by state, federal, and grant funds and the County cannot use that money at all!

SHAME ON THEM! County employees have proposed five (5!) settlement offers to reduce labor costs by 6.5-10% (up to $1.5 million) and the county has rejected every offer.

SHAME ON THEM! For using IMPOSITION as a strategy with every group of employees they have been obligated to negotiate with 2009-2011. Bad faith bargaining is not acceptable!

SHAME ON THEM! Employees offered to take Mandatory Time Off (MTO) a year ago and the County rejected the offer. In that year, the County *could have saved $28,000/week while in contract negotiations with employees.


When it comes to families and our community we need our elected leaders to approve sensible solutions to remedy the 25 years of mistakes! We don’t need another 750 struggling fami- lies in our community! It’s time for a new plan!

Call (707) 463-4441 to demand the Mendocino County Board of Supervisors VOTE NO ON IMPOSITION TODAY AND NEGOTIATE AN AGREEMENT IN GOOD FAITH IMMEDIATELY!